Inside V’s live playlist

Get to know the BTS idol's music taste.


BTS has built a strong and solid relationship with their fan base through social media, so it’s no surprise to see them being more active than ever during these times of social isolation.

Last Thursday, V went live to share some songs he’s been listening to in his free time, and fans couldn’t be happier to get a glimpse of him being so carefree and playful.
We decided to bring you a list with the latest additions to TaeTae FM 6.13.


This track is part of the k-drama Reply‘s 1997 original soundtrack, and V looked breathtakingly beautiful singing along to the song for his viewers.

2. Just a Boy – Alaina Castillo

This is not the first time V has mentioned “Just a Boy” to his fans. A few days earlier, he shared on Weverse a YouTube video of Lynnea M. covering this song, and she was quick to thank him by covering ​”Sweet Night​” (a solo song he wrote and recorded for Netflix’s k-drama ​Itaewon Class)​. Alaina Castillo also thanked him through Twitter.

3. Remember Me – UMI

Introducing this tune, V praised the fans for doing the Stay Home Challenge with him, sharing songs and videos through social media. He also said he didn’t know this song before and really enjoyed his ARMY’s recommendation.

4. 17 – Pink Sweat$

It’s not the first time Pink Sweat$ makes an appearance on TaeTae FM. V seems to like the R&B singer quite a lot and has recommended some of his songs to his fans.

5. Don’t Let Me Down – Joy Crookes

V’s musical taste is so wide and there’s no doubt that his voice fits perfectly with any tune he decides to sing. When he joined the singer during the chorus we bet millions of viewers melted to the sound of his deep voice.

6. Love… It’s All Lies – Lyn

V mentioned how much he enjoyed listening to Lyn, so he asked his fans to record them singing her songs for him. He makes sure to praise how great singers his ARMYs are and said that he notices it every time they sing along with BTS on their concerts. V is such a sweetheart and extremely appreciative of his fan base.

7. This View – Surfaces

Last weekend, while BTS fans were going crazy watching their concerts on ​Bang Bang Con​, V uploaded a video on twitter listening and dancing to this song with his cute tiger puppet.

He ended his live stream dancing to it one more time and expressing his love to his fans. ARMYs seem to enjoy V’s music choices so we found a fan-made playlist with almost 18 hours of songs that he has played on his lives. How amazing is that?

Check it out V’s playlist on our Spotify:


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