We made a playlist for Niall Horan’s 30 Day Song Challenge

Niall's hopes have been answered.


We can’t believe April of 2020 is already almost over! Another thing coming to an end is the ’30 Day Song Challenge’ Niall Horan has been participating in.

Basically, if you haven’t kept up, Niall has been sharing and recommending some of his favorite songs to us for an entire month. The challenge has you choose to share one song, every day, based on certain descriptions like: “A song you like with a number in the title” or “A song you’d love to be played at your wedding”.

When sharing a newly selected song, he always gives the reasons behind his thoughtful choices. Even with 23.4 million followers on Instagram, he manages to make it feel pretty personal — we’re honestly going to miss it!

That’s why we made a Spotify playlist of all his handpicked songs. Plus, as he “hoped” someone would make one, now Niall can rest assured we’ve covered it!

You can like and follow the playlist here:

If you haven’t already, during the next 30-day month, try doing the song challenge with your friends and family! (This could also work during a 31 day month, just finish a day early or come up with your own song description for the last day!)

Here’s the challenge to save to your phone:
30 day song challenge instagram stories

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