How to make the most of BTS’s Bang Bang Con

BTS recently announced their live stream of concerts on twitter, and fans are extremely excited!


BTS are joining the wave of online performances and artists tomorrow with the start of Bang Bang Con, their online concert weekend to be streamed on YouTube on the 18th and 19th of this month!

Showing a total of eight different concerts (including two of their Musters), fans can expect hours upon hours of content that will surely pass the time in the best way possible during lockdown.

On the 9th of April, the official BTS Twitter account tweeted a poster about the event, and since then, the notorious ARMY have taken it upon themselves to try and create the full concert experience all from the comfort of their bedrooms.

A few days after the announcement of the live stream, BTS announced the release of their new Army Bomb Light Stick, a special edition titled the ‘Map of The Soul’ Light Stick, named after their last chart-topping album. Fans learned that with this version, (or version three of the light stick), they could sync up and be in time with ARMYs across the globe for the stream of concerts heading their way in the next two days.

Adding to the fun, some fans on Twitter have even headed to photo editing sites and apps to create their own tickets, wristbands, and lanyards to really immerse themselves in the excitement that leads up to a real concert.

BTS were officially meant to start their world tour on the 11th of April, but obviously had to reschedule, so we commend them on thinking of such a great alternative!

Here are some fun ways to spend BANGBANGCON:

  1. Sync up your Army Bomb of course!
  2. Set up some fairy lights or LED lights in your room, shut those curtains, and you will feel like you are surrounded by thousands of fans all holding their light sticks.
  3. Build a pillow fort and watch from inside, and don’t forget snacks!
  4. Video call your friends when you are watching the stream so you feel like you
    are at the concert together.
  5. Get dressed up in a fun concert outfit or wear your BTS merch. Alternatively, pajamas for extra comfort are also greatly supported.
  6. Get on Twitter and document your at-home concert!
  7. Have fun!
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