10 moments that prove One Direction in Australia was always iconic

To celebrate One Direction’s 10th anniversary, we’re looking back at a whole lot of history.


July 23rd 2020, marks 10 years of One Direction and the weight of this milestone anniversary is being felt by 1D fans across the world. There’s no better time to remember the joy 1D brought to our lives; whether it be through their music, each time you searched “One Direction funny moments” on YouTube or the long-lasting friendships formed through the band.

As an Aussie fan, it’s impossible to forget these iconic moments that unfolded when 1D was in Australia. To celebrate their 10th anniversary and spread some joy, here’s a list of 10 moments from their time in the land down under that will guarantee a smile, a laugh and maybe even some tears.

1. One Direction’s first Australian performance

In April 2012, 1D arrived in Australia for the first time and performed ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ at the TV Week Logies. The co-ordinated outfits and old school hairstyles are a reminder of how far the band has come since those early days… and how much we miss them.

2. One Direction trying famous Australian foods

Trying vegemite when you’re in Australia is a tradition and Niall’s reaction was priceless. Despite being on live TV, Zayn was quick to help Niall recover from the experience, while Liam, Louis and Harry enjoyed Tim Tams and meat pies.

3. Liam and the snake habitat

Arguably one of the funniest tweets a 1D member has ever tweeted. It’s no secret that Australia can be home to some dangerous wildlife, so witnessing Liam’s concern for fans, followed by his exasperation at their close proximity to snake habitats, will never not be entertaining.


4. Niall and the basketball

This is what 2020 feels like, to be honest. While it’s painful to watch Niall hit himself in the face with a basketball, this moment was hilarious and is 100% meme-worthy.

5. 1D vs 5SOS in a pie fight

During the final show of the 2013 Take Me Home Tour, 1D and 5SOS celebrated with pie and crazy antics on stage. The close bond between 1D and the Aussie 5SOS boys was rare and both bands brought huge amounts of energy and talent to the stage every show.
Now is also a great time to acknowledge how iconic 1D’s cover of ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ is.

6. Liam and Louis surfing

When 1D was in Australia, Liam and Louis were always eager to hit the beach and catch some waves. They improved each time they visited and spoke fondly of the hobby in the years that followed.

7. Niall and Harry playing golf

While Liam and Louis were off surfing, Niall and Harry could be found on a golf course cheering each other on in the most adorable fashion. Seeing Niall’s passion for the sport evolve over the years, before amounting into a company, was incredible.

8. One Direction hugging Koalas

On their first trip to Australia, 1D was introduced to Australian wildlife and were lucky enough to hug koalas. Although this encounter resulted in many bizarre headlines (no, the boys didn’t catch chlamydia from the koalas), there’s no denying how cute and hilarious these photos are.

9. ‘Steal My Girl’ performance

At the 2014 ARIA Awards, One Direction performed ‘Steal My Girl’ and won Best International Artist. Despite being a promotional trip, 1D were eager to engage with fans on the red carpet and promote the upcoming On The Road Again tour. It was also this evening that saw 1D meeting The Wiggles. Iconic.

10. ‘On The Road Again Tour’ beginning in Sydney

In what was an extremely rare occurrence, Sydney was lucky enough to be the opening night of the On The Road Again Tour in 2015. Australian fans are custom to being one of the final legs of international tours, so you can imagine the excitement at each show. The On The Road Again Tour opened with new setlist additions from ‘Four’, Harry’s gold boots and sadly, the Aussie shows were some of the final performances including Zayn.

What are your favourite 1D memories and how are you celebrating their 10th anniversary? Let us know on Twitter @unitedbypop or in the comments below!

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