All of the One Direction members’ most iconic tweets

We Directioners made stan Twitter, so it is only fitting to celebrate the anniversary like this.


In honor of the band’s tenth anniversary, we should definitely look back on the most iconic tweets they have ever posted. As we all used to spend hours upon hours on Twitter, and probably still do, these tweets truly shaped me into the young woman I am now.

Harry Styles

Remember when the headlines told us that Harry should educate us more about history? Well, this is what Harry responded with. It still is the funniest thing he has ever tweeted (and you can’t change my mind).

This Tweet probably sums up what our schedule has been during quarantine.

The shorter, the better right? Thanks for the wisdom, mr Styles.

Niall Horan

Honesstly, if this does not describe my mood every single day, I don’t know what does.

And yes, just like Harry, he describes our perfect day in quarantine..

This is it. The most iconic thing he has ever posted.

Liam Payne

Using this sentence in a joke is still the funniest thing ever. I quoted this exact tweet like a thousand times.

When he tweeted this just to establish that he is, in fact, THE one and only Liam Payne.

Or when he tweeted it again this month…

And least, but certainly not least, this must be the funniest thing he has tweeted.

Zayn Malik

I still cry when I think about this tweet.

This is the affirmation I need in my life daily.

And this one… especially now that we know how much of a special bond he has with his mom.

Louis Tomlinson

This one. Truly this one, I haven’t seen Twitter as wild as when this happened.

Did this one even make sense? No. Did it make us laugh? Yes.

And last but not least, did he LIE?!

Any other 1D tweets stand out in your memory? Let us know in the comments below!

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