Niall Nation reviews Heartbreak Weather

How are fans feeling about Niall Horan's new album?


Niall’s sophomore album has been out for a couple of weeks now, and of course we have had it on repeat ever since! But how are the fans feeling about their favourite songs now they’ve had all the time in the world to listen to it?

Heartbreak Weather

Amber: It’s the opening track and it just immediately sets the tone! It’s fun and sunny, making you want to get up and dance. The chorus is super catchy and gets stuck in your head easily. The lyrics are simple but fun, cheery, and uplifting, talking about how a person can lift up your mood and make everything better. It’s such a happy song and the music video is just as fun. It’s quintessentially Niall – one big party wrapped into great instrumentals, great lyrics and a wonderful voice. I love it!

Black and White

Christina: The song is so pretty, and I really love how Niall’s voice sounds in it. You can hear his passion in the music. It’s such a gorgeous song but it is a blast as well which you can jam out to in your car. It’s definitely in my top songs from Niall!

Kim: The reason why this is my favourite is because it makes me think of my partner who I am not able to see due to the virus. I feel it really relates to how I feel at the moment and things that I will hope happen in the future. I would love to have this song on my wedding day!

Dear Patience

Esmeralda: The song shows the fight that we as humans deal with patience during a relationship. Sometimes we tend to rush into things and that may not always lead to the best outcomes; I love this song because it reminds us that we need to slow down and appreciate living in the moment. Patience is a virtue and we need to appreciate that!

Bend The Rules

Emma: It is purely genius, from the flow of the melodies to the lyrics. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a song quite like it. I love the concept of the song and people aren’t talking about it enough; it’s really unique. The music and the humming go perfectly together; as if he is the instrument.

Amber: It’s very different than his usual style. It immediately stood out to me on the fist listen and has only grown on me more! Its very low and raspy, very Bruce Springsteen or Sting-like. The combination of all the instruments make it feel really chill, but the lyrics really pack a punch – it really shows off Niall’s skills as a storyteller and his voice is perfect on this!

Small Talk

Kenlyha: Small Talk gives off such a good vibe to me about not caring and letting loose! The instrumental is absolutely amazing and the lyrics are pretty straight-forward, and the song just fits with me personally. It is an absolute banger

Put A Little Love On Me

Pleun: This reminds me of a relationship I had. I really love how a song is able to make you feel all kinds of sad; something to relate to. Niall keeps saying that this is one of the best songs he has ever written, and I totally agree with that; this song is an international treasure!

Arms of a Stranger

Elena: There are so many emotions in this song. The lyrics and the meaning behind it are extremely sad but the melody wants you to be happy. And for me that is what the song is about. The sad part reminds you of experienced heartbreak, but the happy part reminds you of good times and to move forward.


Jess: The chorus is super catchy, and it was the first song I actually knew all the lyrics to!

Kelsey: The vibe the song gives me is what’s most important to me. The song feels nostalgic in a way I can’t explain and I love the fast pace and how the guitar blends with Niall’s voice. And the harmonies, oh my goodness! My absolute favourite!

Cross Your Mind

Laura: Lyrically, I think it’s Niall’s best work. It perfectly captures the feeling of not being able to let someone go because you’re too attached to move on. It’s painfully sad and relatable, but he manages to make the story fun and light by turning what was originally intended to be a ballad into one of the most upbeat songs on the album. It’s exemplifies how much Niall’s sound has grown and matured, drawing some inspiration from some of his 70’s and 80’s musical influences, and as well as how comfortable he has gotten both as an artist and a songwriter.

New Angel

Mahi: Barely anyone has this as their favourite; this is EXACTLY why it is my fave! It’s so underrated. I personally feel everything about that song is perfect. The whole album is relatable, but this song especially. Niall’s vocals, the retro feel to it, the 80s vibe, literally EVERYTHING is perfect. I hope people soon give it the recognition it deserves!

Sara: The first time I’ve heard it I instantly fell in love with the beat and the production! It feels so old school and modern at the same time; it’s a very descriptive song and I immediately think of the summer when I listen to it!

San Fransisco

Femke: I really like the vibe of this song, and when I first listened to it I immediately felt homesick towards San Francisco. It’s just such a beautiful song


Denise: It is such a beautifully written song, from the lyrics to the instrumental. I’ve never really been in love, but it makes me feel like I have been in love before. It’s amazing how a song can give you that feeling.


Christina: During Flicker World Tour I really enjoyed all of the live violin solos. So I was super excited that this song has so much violin in it! One of my favourite things is that you can also really hear that Julia Michaels co-wrote it, and I love how Niall got back to his Irish roots with this song.


Floor: I just fell in love with it the second I heard it. The build up from the verse to the chorus is so intense. When you first listen to it you don’t expect the song to go THAT hard all of a sudden. I just know this song is going to be the best one live. From the funky vibe in the second verse, to the climax from the bridge to the verse; it is just pure perfection.

Irene: I listen to a lot of older music, and the influences of the genres that were big those years, you can hear it in this song. I am a sucker for uptempo songs with lots of guitar, so this is so good!

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