10 most memorable One Direction moments

Take a trip down memory lane with these top 10 One Direction moments.


In honor of One Direction’s 10-year anniversary, here’s a shortlist of their 10 most memorable moments. One Direction fans were powerful (still are!), and there are so many memories surrounding this band. Enjoy the nostalgia.

1. “Right Now” Project

Featured in their WWA tour documentary, Milan created the most successful fan project to date. Eighty thousand fans participated to form words across San Siro stadium that spelled “We Are 1D Family,” and the boys’ reactions were priceless.

2. Cheetah Print Interview

Hands down, this is the worst interview the boys ever were a part of. The interviewer was so unprepared and the boys were not having it. They kept making her uncomfortable and gave awful responses to her ridiculous questions. I can only imagine how chaotic this interview would’ve been with Louis there.

3. All of the security hacks

Fourteen-year-old fans, or FBI agents? I still question where these girls are today and what they’re doing. They did God’s work back in the day. I have so many questions. How did they do this? Why did they do this? Are they okay? Regardless, the footage we got was so funny and iconic.

4. TwitCams

From the Barbie song to “I wrapped it myself” to the Zouis prank call to the Cookie man, the TwitCams deserved a spot on this list. The most memorable one of all, though, was the one with Harry and Louis.

5. Video Diaries

Whenever you’re missing the boys, the video diaries are the go-to. They hold the most memories, laughs, and nostalgia. The hours of video diaries hold the most memorable moments, quotes and inside jokes in the fandom: “I like girls who eat carrots,” “I’ll marry you Harry,” Kevin, the stairs, “Superman.” It’s the closest we will ever get to their true selves before management and fame kicked in.

6. Carpool Karaoke

Right before their hiatus, they were featured on the Late Late Show’s Carpool Karaoke. They talk about how they’re excited about their solo future and James teaches them the dance to “No Control.” One important question though: where’s the McDonald’s footage? It’s been four years.

7. “Where We Going Today Mark?”

Were we excited for our One Direction show in 2014 or were we excited for our show’s “Where We Going Today Mark?” Mark was the glue to the fandom, and these videos he and Niall did were the fans’ dose of serotonin.

8. Falling on Stage

All five members were the clumsiest people ever. It wasn’t a One Direction concert without someone falling on the water from their water fights. The all-time favorite was when Harry got his mic stand caught on the floor and instead of dropping the stand, he falls straight on his back.

9. Tattoo Roulette

James Corden provided the most superior content, and the top one might be when they played Tattoo Roulette. Was it rigged? We will never know, but I think we were all hoping for Niall to get his first tattoo on live television.

10. Lyric Changes

There are hundreds of lyric changes the boys did throughout the years live on stage. They were all so random and just wanted to have a laugh together on stage. My all-time favorite was when Louis said “showers that are Danish” and Niall laughed so hard at him.

What’s your favorite One Direction memory? Let us know in the comments!

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