Louis Tomlinson’s fans are ready to “go to jail” for him

Confusion rose on Twitter after a surprising hashtag trended but don’t worry, it’s all right!


It’s not the first time that Louis Tomlinson’s fans have got a random hashtag trending worldwide; remember #WallsOlympics and #ProjectAlwaysYou related to some of the projects they launched to promote his music, or the titles of any single one of his songs, or the name of his album Walls or the most recent WE LOVE YOU LOUIS and #LouisTomlinsonIsLovedParty just to shower him with all the love and support he deserves. They even got an old hashtag trending worldwide few weeks ago hoping to get the unseen pictures Louis promised.
Nine years ago.

This time though, the situation is a bit different, as the hashtag trending is #louiesgoingtojailparty.

We are (sadly) used to this kind of hashtags going viral when some random celebrity gets canceled for whatever reason; it’s impossible to count how many #INSERTCELEBNAMEisoverparty people have thrown on Twitter lately.
But, luckily, in this case no hate involved! Louies are the ones who started the trend after someone claimed that the pictures of Louis shared by who knows who last night were strictly copyrighted and not officially released yet; some of the fans deleted them fearing for the life of their accounts, some just stated that they were too good and that at the end of the day Louis is the best reason to go to jail for and I can’t blame them.
The reactions all over the internet have been amazing, between people joking about it and people not even knowing what was happening.

I mean Louis’ fans are really something else, there’s a reason why they own Twitter and it shows.

What can I say? See y’all there loves! And, as a wise man once said, “please be advised there is a strict dress code of orange and only orange!”

  1. Siti Nadhirah Binti Abd Mutalib says

    I actually love you

  2. Agnese says

    I actually love you the most, queen

  3. Ella says

    Whoever wrote this is definitely a Louie

  4. Anna says

    I’m definitely a Louis Tomlinson fan, I send him so much love and prayers for his well being. He’s an angel. #WELOVEYOULOUIS

  5. Arianna says

    Best article ever❤️

  6. dlouis says

    I mean who don’t love louis! He deserves the whole freakin world <3

  7. lauren says

    whoever wrote this, ily

  8. Maryam says

    I love louis Tomlinson

  9. Maryam says

    I love louis Tomlinson
    And I am ready to go jail for him

  10. Charlotte says

    Who did bail him out of jail does anyone know

  11. Rudra says

    Sending all my love from jail 😉

  12. Prasannadl says

    I’d definitely go to jail for him
    Even tho I am not the same continent

  13. Prasannadl says

    I’d definitely go to jail for him
    Even tho I am not from the same continent

  14. Sherry says

    I’d definitely go to jail for him. I just hope he knows how much we love him.

  15. Tee says

    This article made me laugh so much #LouisTomlinsonIsLovedParty ♡

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