11 times Louis Tomlinson’s fans covered his music beautifully

We'll be celebrating Louis' birthday all month long with these amazing covers by his fans.


Louis Tomlinson just turned 29, and one of the many reasons why we love and appreciate this sunshine is that his music that speaks beautifully to his fans and to anyone who listens to it. He can reach people from any place, age, and gender. His songs bring comfort and inspiration to his fans that are just as talented as him.

We picked some of Louis’ tunes covered by fans to celebrate his 29th birthday:

“Defenceless” by Lisa Bakker

“Two of Us” by Lucretia

“Two of Us” by Denis Kalytovskyi

“Habit” by Brendan Howard

“Always You” by Chiara Ansioso

“Always You” by Sahil Sanjan

“Miss You” in ASL by Hailey Ari

“Miss You” by Al Liang

“Back to You” by Kathleen

“Just Hold On” by Pink Denim

“Copy of a Copy of a Copy” by Abra Salem

Now that you probably feel inspired by these covers we want to know: Which Louis’ song would you cover?

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