Jimin and V release two Christmas singles for their fans

All we wanted for Christmas was Jimin and V to save it with their beautiful voices.


When I woke up this Christmas Eve, I had no idea that Jimin or V would drop a Christmas song out of nowhere and bring so much joy on this day.

Jimin’s “Christmas Love” is a bright, cheerful song that sounds almost like a child’s version of what Christmas is like — so pure and innocent.

“Everyone, your present has arrived.”

Jimin wrote a letter to ARMY explaining why he decided to release “Christmas Love” during these difficult times we’ve been facing. Jimin himself has been thinking a lot back to his childhood and how much he wishes to go back in time and relive those days, especially magical days like Christmas. He also mentions how growing up and being responsible for many things takes away our innocence and makes us hide feelings that might not be acceptable for grown-ups. His intention with this song was to let these feelings and emotions out and give ARMY a very special Christmas present and they did not see it coming.

“Christmas Love” had everyone pouring out their love and appreciation for Jimin for being so thoughtful and a source of comfort knowing that these might be very hard days to so many around the world.


Jimin finishes his letter saying that everyone is always worthy of love and how he wishes for all to be over soon so we can all enjoy life together again. I don’t know about you but when I think of love I’ll be definitely thinking of Jimin and his beautiful Christmas present to all of us.


Not longer after Jimin released his Christmas single, V dropped another Christmas present to ARMY. The song “Snow Flower” is a collaboration between V and Peakboy. It’s a jazzy Christmas ballad that fits really well with V’s emotional, deep voice.

In his own letter to ARMY, V mentions how the pandemic might have intensified people’s anxieties and depressions, especially at the end of the year. Using part of the lyrics he hopes that a white flower falls on people’s hearts with comfort and happiness. V also teases his mixtape, which will probably take a little longer than we expected, but that’s okay. We don’t mind waiting as long as we have “Snow Flower” on repeat.

ARMY had a very strong heart dealing with two surprises in only one day.





V and Jimin gave us two beautiful songs on a very special day that express so much of their feelings towards ARMY.

We can’t choose which one we like better, so we’ll keep listening to both of them nonstop. Which one are you going to spend the holidays with?

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