Get to know #WhatHOPECanDo, a fundraising project for J-Hope’s birthday

One In An ARMY has a brand new project to celebrate J-Hope’s day


J-Hope is about to celebrate another trip around the sun and of course ARMY has a whole fundraising project to make their part of changing a little piece of people’s lives. What HOPE Can Do will help raise money for What Dance Can Do, a non-profit organization that is using dance to make a difference in children and young adults’ lives.

As the main dancer of BTS, J-Hope has expressed himself through dance since he was really young. Knowing how important this form of art can be in someone’s life, One In An ARMY prepared this project that can help fund transportation, clothing, programs and events, such as performances, workshops, classes and dance camps for children and young adults who find themselves in vulnerable situations, like illness, poverty or migration.

The objective of the organization is to give children access to dance and make a positive change through it. What Dance Can Do works in different countries, like France, Kenya, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia and New Zealand, and also partners with hospitals and NGOs.

The campaign lasts for 5 days, ending on J-Hope’s birthday on Friday 18th and so far ARMY has donated a bit over 9 thousand dollars and they are already making big things happen for What Dance Can Do.

If you don’t know One In An Army already you definitely should give them a follow on twitter as they are constantly creating fundraisings for great causes that shows how kind and powerful an artist and its fan base can be.

If you want to take part in What HOPE Can Do, you can make your donation here.

We want to wish J-Hope a lovely birthday full of happiness and with many reasons to keep dancing.

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