NCT’s Taeil shines in new song Starlight for Twenty Five, Twenty One

Taeil is the first artist to release an OST song for the tvN drama Twenty Five, Twenty One


Taeil, one of the members of NCT, has released the song “Starlight” for the new tvN drama Twenty Five, Twenty One, making Taeil the first artist to release an OST for the drama.

“Starlight” is described as an ode to the pure spirit of being young and has a hopeful message, as it also transpires in the lyrics; through them, Taeil wants to comfort the “Starlight”, the person going through the ups and downs of their youth. As the drama Twenty Five, Twenty One takes place in 1998, the song has a retro atmosphere, thanks to an analogue synthesiser.

In a press release, studio Maum C, in charge of producing the OST, explained that Taeil’s “clear and sophisticated voice”  helped create a “newtro” feeling for the song.

After its release, “Starlight” entered the Worldwide iTunes Songs Chart at No.53 while the track has reached No.1 on the iTunes Top Songs Chart in Japan, Qatar, and Indonesia. It also entered the charts in other countries, including Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore.

Twenty Five, Twenty One

Twenty Five, Twenty One is tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama, starring Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joe Hyuk. The drama premiered on Saturday February 12, and tells the story of a young couple navigating their rebellious time and growth while South Korea faces the Asian financial crisis in 1998. Kim Tae Ri plays Na Hee-Do, a young fencer who has to overcome many difficulties to become a member of the national fencing team, and Nam Joo Hyuk is Baek Yi Jin, the son of a wealthy family that goes bankrupt as a result of the crisis.

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