Olympic silver medalist Emma Weyant just so happens to be a Swiftie

Baby, let the games begin.


We have a Swiftie representing the United States on the Olympic swim team! At only 19, Emma Weyant won a silver medal over the weekend for her performance in the 400-meter individual medley. Not only did she make the United States proud, but we bet Taylor Swift is proud, too.

Before the Olympic Games got underway, Emma did a Q&A with SRQ Magazine where she revealed she would be listening to Taylor during the plane ride to Tokyo. “I can honestly just put her entire discography on shuffle and I’ll be happy,” she said.

Emma Weyant with her silver medal in Tokyo.
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When asked about the song that best describes her life right now, Emma chose a beloved track from 1989: “‘Wildest Dreams’ by Taylor Swift. Being an Olympian and getting to compete in the Olympics has always been a dream of mine and I’m just so excited to live out those dreams and perform at my best for Team USA.”

Emma says that she has been listening to Taylor Swift since she was eight years old, and she’s taken her 1989 World Tour towel to every swim meet she’s competed in since she was nine — including the Tokyo Games, where she had it with her in the ready room before swimming in her event final.


Most Olympians listen to music to pump themselves up before an event, and Emma listened to songs from the most ideal Taylor album: “When I was on my way to the pool, I had my playlist on shuffle and I had some reputation vibes going on today.”

“I think the last song that played was ‘Ready for it?’,” said Emma. “I thought that was fitting because [she sings], ‘Let the games begin.’”

Congratulations on your silver medal, Emma!

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