Five BTS songs to brighten up even the darkest of days

You can always count on BTS to make it all better with their music.


All bad days can get a little better when you turn to music to help you through them. You might keep a playlist ready or choose a random one to keep you company. You might have you own go-to artists to listen to or trust Spotify to find the ones who will be the soundtrack of your tough days.

I became an Army this year, a few days before the pandemic reached my country and I had to begin isolation. Being by yourself for so long makes you face all your self-doubts and insecurities, turns ordinary days into hard ones and most of the time it’s hard to find comfort by yourself.

Music has always been a way to help me out of these difficult moments. It doesn’t cure anything, but it does help. So, when I came across these songs from BTS things felt a little lighter and here’s why.


Sometimes you can feel like everyone but you has a big dream and it’s scary to live without really knowing if you’ll ever have one. This song carries the answers if you are feeling lost and overwhelmed among all the expectations the world and yourself have on you.

‘It’s alright to stop
There’s no need to run without even knowing the reason
It’s alright to now have a dream
If you have moments where you can feel happiness’

Magic Shop

Written for BTS’s fans, the song refers to a door that you carry in your heart and if you open it you will find the Magic Shop, a place to ease the pain and to feel loved. Where you get rid of your fears and can find happiness.

‘If you open the door and go in, this place will await you
It’s alright to believe in it
It’ll comfort you, Magic Shop’

Spring Day

Army’s sweetheart even after many years of its release, Spring Day is a message of hope, especially in times when everything is unsure. It’s a promise you’ll see the ones you love again.

‘The morning will come again
Because no darkness, no season can last forever’


This track will make you feel special and cared for. This is the one to play when you feel the little light inside of you going out for any reason.

‘Each person’s light is a precious one
In the dark night, don’t feel lonely
Like all the stars, we shine’

Stay Gold

The newest addition to the comfort playlist, Stay Gold is part of the album Map Of The Soul: 7 The Journey, a Japanese version that’ll be released next month. The movie video that came out last Friday shows BTS members in a wrecked and dark world when golden dust comes and leads them to a beautiful garden full of life. A hint of the promises made in Spring Day, maybe?

‘In a world where you feel cold
You gotta stay gold’

These tracks might not be the cure to your bad days but hopefully, they’ll feel like medicine for your soul during hard times.

Who’s adding them to their playlist?

Tell us what other BTS songs that are part of your playlist.

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