8 amazing comebacks from female K-pop groups and soloists this year

They show that the music world is indeed made by talented and strong women.


Half of the year is gone, and life is starting to look a little bit more like it used to. One thing that didn’t change at all was the constancy of music in our lives. Artists from all over the world worked hard to make our lives a little lighter with their songs during difficult times. These female K-pop soloists and groups are no different; they released some catchy and powerful tunes to sweep us off our feet.

Here are some worth adding to your playlist.

Hyuna – ‘I’m Not Cool’

Even though her career started in groups, Hyuna has shown that she alone can shine brighter than anyone in this concept that is as strong as her personality. ‘I’m not cool’ became a fair statement of who Hyuna is and what makes her a great performer. The catchy chorus and the addicting choreography are enough to get us hooked.

Chungha – ‘Bicycle’

Queen of concepts, Chungha has it all, and she keeps proving it with every comeback. In ‘Bicycle,’ we get her best version of looks, voice, moves, fierceness and a smooth rap verse in English.

Everglow – ‘First’

Everglow invests and goes hard on bold concepts for their songs and music videos, showing that sweet and colourful do not fit their agenda. ‘First’ is a testimony of their confidence — not just in the lyrics but also when performing all these strong moves in the choreography.

ITZY – ‘마.피.아. In the Morning’

The young group shows one more time that they have the recipe for good, catchy songs. Itzy sings about being subtly in charge in a blooming relationship, playing it like a game that they will end up winning. Bet you’ll be copying their moves every time the chorus comes up.

Twice – ‘Alcohol-Free’

Putting their new album Taste of Love at the top of the charts one more time, Twice dropped the perfect summer hit. ‘Alcohol-Free’ has a Caribbean vibe, sending us to that perfect sunset at the beach ambiance. Twice’s vocals are on point while they sing about being drunk in love.

Wheein – ‘Water Color’

Wheein released her first solo mini-album called Redd a few months ago and showed her new colours outside Mamamoo. ‘Water Color’ has an R&B and pop sound, and it is all about Wheein being a colourful canvas full of dreams.

Weekly – ‘After School’

Probably one of the biggest viral songs this year so far, the song’s choreography was all over social media for weeks after the release. With a teenager-type of vibe, ‘After School’ is sure to have you dancing while listening to it.

Aespa – ‘Next Level’

Aespa is a brand new group that you might have heard of before their huge debut with ‘Black Mamba,’ and they did not disappoint with this brand new single ‘Next Level.’ Saying that the song is catchy is an understatement; it gets people so hooked that in South Korea they had to ban it for students before an important national exam. Guess they have the recipe for a successful hit!

And to think that we still have the rest of the year to keep an eye on these incredible singers and the things they’ll be dropping to help make our lives a little more fun with their songs. Exciting, isn’t it?

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