Loki Recap: Episode 5 | Loki Meets The Other Lokis

Loki meets the many versions of himself in an all-new episode, "Journey into Mystery."

WRITER’S NOTE: The following post contains spoilers.

It’s finally Wednesday once again, and that means another recap of Loki. With only one episode left until the season finale next week, we’re recapping the latest episode just for you and heads up, so much goes down and there are a ton of Easter eggs!

Episode 5 titled “Journey into Mystery,” first shows us the TVA and its many workers walking around. It then transitions to the elevator that leads to the Time-Keepers, and then the destroyed world that we last saw Loki (Tom Hiddleston) waking up in from when he was pruned and seeing other variant versions of himself in the post-credit scene of Episode 4.

In finally taking in the scenery, Loki asks the other variants of himself, Classic Loki (Richard E. Grant), Kid Loki (Jack Veal), and Boastful Loki (DeObia Oparei) where he is, and Classic Loki explains to him that he is in the Void and the big cloud that hovers near them is Alioth and is about to kill them.


As they run away from Alioth, the episode then cuts to the TVA where Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) still is, and she demands Judge Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) gives her a TemPad. Sylvie asks Renslayer who is actually behind the TVA, but Renslayer tells her that she has no clue.

Sylvie realizes that the room they are in, the courtroom, is where Renslayer brought her as a child after she stole her life from her. Noting that it’s a perfect place to steal Renslayer’s life, Renslayer quickly tells Sylvie that Loki isn’t dead as of yet.

Sylvie questions Renslayer and states that she believes she is lying, but Renslayer tells Sylvie that she wants the same thing as her — to figure out who is behind the TVA and who lied to her.

Honestly, I think we can all agree that Renslayer has something up her sleeve and something fishy is going on; and by fishy, is anyone else getting the feeling that they keep teasing Kang the Conqueror to us? Because if they are, can they just give us a small snippet of him in this show? The suspense is too much!


Going back to Renslayer telling Sylvie that she too is interested in figuring out who is in charge of the TVA, Renslayer explains to Sylvie that when they prune a branch reality, it is impossible to destroy all of its matter.

Renslayer further explains that instead, they move it to a place on the timeline where it won’t continue to grow and that the branched timeline isn’t reset and is transferred to a ‘void’ at the end of time. As Renslayer puts it, Where every instance of existence collides at the same point and simply stops.

Sylvie still questions Renslayer as to why this is, but Renslayer informs her that she doesn’t know and that it is the dogma that states that the end of time is still being written and that the Time-Keepers are transforming it into utopia.

With Sylvie still apprehensive about what she is being told, Renslayer informs her that whatever the real reason is, nothing ever comes back from there. Renslayer tells Sylvie that the only way she can help her is if she trusts her, and in taking a moment, Sylvie finally hands over the TemPad to Renslayer.


Going back to the Void where Loki and the other Loki Variants are, as they are on the move to escape Alioth, Loki asks the others if they can slow down so he can properly ask them questions.

Classic Loki tells him they can’t and that they must keep moving so they all don’t die. Loki wants to know if they have a plan as to what to do, but they all tell him their plan is to not die. By the way, did anyone else see Johann Schmidt’s aircraft (from Captain America: The First Avenger)  in the background? The Easter eggs in this show are just insane!

Still not getting any answers from the other Variants, Loki breaks and asks them once more as to what is happening with him being pruned and waking up in the Void to discover that there are other Variants of himself, including an alligator. Side note, Alligator Loki might be my favorite.

Before he can say anything else about having to get back to the TVA, Kid Loki takes out a dagger and demands Loki to stop making a spectacle because it will signal Alioth of their whereabouts.

Kid Loki explains to Loki that the Void is the place where the TVA dumps its ‘rubbish,’ in this case, this is everything that they prune and Alioth makes sure none of which has been pruned ever returns.


Boastful Loki explains that Alioth is a living tempest that consumes matter and energy and that the TVA sends entire branched realities to the Void where they are devoured instantly. Classic Loki compares the Void to a shark tank and that Alioth is the shark.

Still confused as to why there are so many Lokis (besides Alligator Loki), Classic Loki explains that it’s because Lokis survive and that is just what they do. Loki thinking that they have their solution because Lokis survive, he then asks the others how they can escape but Classic Loki tells him they don’t.

Classic Loki shares with Loki that he, Boastful Loki, Kid Loki, and Alligator Loki, were all arrested by the TVA and pruned. That when arriving in the Void, they all did the same thing— stood around and made plans that went nowhere.

Loki asks them if they ever thought of using a TemPad but the other Variants laugh at him. Loki also asks them if they thought about creating a nexus event, but Boastful Loki informs him that the TVA doesn’t care as to what happens in the Void.

Still adamant that there is something that they can do, Classic Loki shares with Loki that the only thing they can do is survive. As they all continue moving on, Loki asks Classic Loki as to why he wears the horns but lets Kid Loki command him.

Classic Loki tells Loki that he will remember to respect Kid Loki and that the Void is his kingdom. Loki asks Kid Loki as to what was his nexus event was, and Kid Loki shares that it was him killing Thor.

Back on the move, Loki and the other Variants make it to an underground bunker where the others have been living. Another side note, did you catch the other Easter eggs? There was the Thanos Copter, Mjolnir, and even Frog Thor aka Throg!


Back at the TVA, Renslayer asks Miss Minutes (Tara Strong) to access some restricted files that pertain to the beginning of time and the founding of the TVA. Sylvie asks about files pertaining to the end of time, but Renslayer tells her that it’s just a Void.

Sylvie asks Renslayer as to whether the Void isn’t really the end and that maybe there is something beyond it. Renslayer, however, doesn’t say anything and instead, nods to Miss Minutes to show what she found pertaining to the files she asked for.

In looking at the file, Sylvie asks Renslayer that with her hiding in apocalypses and it obscuring her from the TVA, that was the reason as to why she couldn’t create a diverging branch there. Renslayer tells her that she is right but then Sylvie points out that if all of what the file is showing, and that everything is still being written, whatever happens, is just a new timeline and that starting a nexus event there would be impossible, that one could be completely undetectable.

Renslayer agrees with Sylvie and notes that that’s the only place where whoever is in charge of the Time-Keepers is hiding. Sylvie asks how they can get past the Void but Renslayer still says that it’s impossible and that the TemPad will not be able to lock onto a location.


Sylvie on the other hand explains that they will just have to go through it and Renslayer notes that that’s too risky. In telling Renslayer that she will then no longer need her, Miss Minutes interjects and says that there is a possibility that The Void spacecraft might be able to help them. Renslayer says that the prototype will most like help them.

As Miss Minutes looks for the file on the spacecraft, Renslayer explains that it’s a spaceship that has been designed to withstand the ‘temporal void.’ Obviously, not a good liar, Sylvie is able to pick up on the lie and asks Miss Minutes where the files are.

Miss Minutes makes an excuse that the files are hard to find and gives a look over to Renslayer. However, TVA agents come in to capture Sylvie, but before they can do anything, Sylvie prunes herself.


Back in the underground bunker at the Void, Boastful Loki is telling his story on how after he defeated Captain America and Iron Man, he was able to claim all six Infinity Stones. Alligator Loki growls and says that Boastful Loki is lying, but Boastful Loki points out that at least his nexus event didn’t involve eating the wrong neighbor’s cat. I don’t know about you, but this is so chaotic and I love it so much.

Alligator Loki gets upset with Boastful Loki’s remarks and takes ahold of his hand, but Loki and Classic Loki are able to free him off. Kid Loki asks Classic Loki to share his story but he refuses.

Loki tells him that he’s curious to hear his story and asks Classic Loki to reiterate if Lokis are supposed to die, that Thanos kills them after Ragnarok. Classic Loki shares that with his timeline, everything went the way it was supposed to in his life until Thanos showed up and attacked his ship.

Loki asks Classic Loki if he tried to stab him and Classic Loki tells him no and tells the others that blades are worthless in the face of a Loki sorcery. Classic Loki explains that with blades, they hold back their magical potential. Boastful Loki says they look awesome but as Classic Loki shares, they aren’t that special when they fall to the ground just before one’s neck is snapped.


Classic Loki goes on to share that when he was face-to-face with Thanos, he casted a projection of himself that was so real, that Thanos believed it was actually him and hid as inanimate debris. Side note — I bet myself and many MCU fans are hoping this is what Loki did at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War because I don’t know about you, but when rewatching that film, Loki gives off some peculiar vibe.

Back to Classic Loki’s story, he explains to Loki that after he faked his death, he drifted off in space — away from Thor and away from everything — and began to think about his place in the universe. Classic Loki shares that when he had done this, it occurred to him that everywhere he went, pain would follow him.

In resolving this issue that he found himself in, Classic Loki shares that he landed on a remote planet and resided there in isolation, in solitude, for a very long time. As Loki asks him how the TVA found him, Classic Loki explains that it was because he got lonely; he missed Thor and he wondered if he or anybody missed him at all.

When trying to step off the planet, Classic Loki shares that the TVA arrived and captured him and he notes to the other Lokis that they all have one part to play and that is to be the God of Outcasts.

Loki still persistent in getting back to the TVA, tells the others that he is going to leave the Void and that as Lokis, they are as good at escaping as they are at surviving. Kid Loki points out to Loki that he is different, however, Loki shares with him and the other Variants that he’s the same as them and asks if they have ever met a woman Variant of them.

Classic Loki voices that the prospect of there being a woman Variant is terrifying, but Loki assures them that she is and that she is trying to take down the TVA. Loki tells them that in order for her to accomplish this that Sylvie needs him and in order to kill Alioth, getting their help could be the thing to make it happen.

Thinking that they are on board with him, the other Variants laugh at Loki and he goes to leave. As he makes his way out of the underground bunker, Loki meets other Variants of himself, one even being President Loki.


Back with Sylvie, we see her wake up in a deserted school bus. As she kicks her way out, Alioth finds her and begins to go after her. As she runs away, Sylvie connects with Alioth and was able to enchant it for just a few moments.

In doing so, she was able to see something and as she continues to run away, she hears a car approaching. In entering the car, she meets with Mobius (Owen Wilson) after he was pruned and the two of them drive away from Alioth.

In the underground bunker, President Loki and the other Variants that he arrived with, are there for shelter and supplies. However, Loki, Classic Loki, and Kid Loki find out that Boastful Loki gave them their location in exchange that he gets President Loki’s army and throne.

However, as President Loki thinks that he can trick him, the other Variants turn on him, Alligator Loki bites off his hand after he questions if he is a Loki, and a fight ensues between all the Variants.


As the other Variants fight, Classic Loki casts projections of himself as well as Loki, Kid Loki, and Alligator Loki, and they all escape the bunker.

Both Classic Loki and Kid Loki are upset that they put their trust in Boastful Loki only to be tricked. Kid Loki shares that anytime when one of them tries to fix themselves, they are sent to the Void to die. Loki tells them that is the reason why he needs to get out of there and that nothing will change once the TVA is stopped.

Classic Loki asks Loki if he truly trusts Sylvie and he shares that she is the only one he trusts and that she is their only chance in stopping the TVA. Classic Loki and Kid Loki agree that they will help him get near Alioth but Classic Loki reminds him again that approaching it is a death sentence.


Back with Sylvie and Mobius, the two continue driving away from Alioth. Mobius shares with Sylvie that the entire time he was at the TVA, he truly believed that they were good people. Sylvie shares that when she had pruned herself, she was going to find Loki but in seeing Alioth, she thinks it has already taken him.

Mobius asks her if she really believes that but Sylvie remarks that it doesn’t matter whether she believes that or not. For her, the only thing that matters is getting out of the Void and figuring out who is behind the TVA and in order to do that, they have to turn around and go back towards Alioth.


Loki and the other Variants make their way to some part of the Void where they test out how they can lure and distract Alioth and as they watch it take over a ship, Loki realizes that it will be impossible.

The four of them (yes, I’m including Alligator Loki because I bet he saw it too) spot a car in the distance. As the car pulls up near them and the door opens, Loki realizes that it’s Sylvie and he runs towards her. When he approaches her, Loki also sees that Mobius is there as well.

Sylvie asks them all if they too are after Alioth and Loki explains to her that they haven’t decided on how they were going to kill it. Sylvie tells them that she thinks the person who may be in charge of the TVA is beyond the Void at the end of time and her plan to take down Alioth is to enchant it.

Loki laughs at Sylvie’s plan and tells her that he’s been down in the Void longer than she has, but Sylvie reiterates to him that she is going to enchant it no matter what. This prompts Loki to look at Mobius but he tells him that she’s confident in her plan, thus making Loki scratch his idea and follow hers.


Back at the TVA, Judge Renslayer enters a Time Theater and meets with Hunter B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku) who she has locked away because of her helping Sylvie. Renslayer tells Hunter B-15 that because of her actions, she is disloyal to the TVA but Hunter B-15 reminds her that she is lying to everyone about the Time-Keepers.

Hunter B-15 tells Renslayer that everyone at the TVA deserves to know the truth. However, Renslayer tells Hunter B-15 that instead of the truth, the TVA needs stability and that for now, she needs to tell her everything on what drives Sylvie. Hunter B-15 tells Renslayer that the thing that motivates Sylvie is revenge and part of it is killing the Time-Keepers.


However, in reminding Renslayer that Sylvie figured out that the Time-Keepers were fake, Hunter B-15 informs her that Sylvie is motivated in search of the person who created them. Hunter B-15 makes an observation and sees that for Renslayer, it isn’t about protecting the TVA but rather, it’s about her trying to figure out as well who is behind it all. I don’t know about you all but can we just say it again… Kang the Conqueror!

Outside of the Time Theater, Renslayer asks for Miss Minutes to collect all files that pertain to the founding of the TVA and basically everything from the beginning of time. Renslayer informs Miss Minutes that whoever created the TVA is in danger and that she needs to find them.

As Miss Minutes goes off to find those files, Renslayer is seen walking away with a smirk on her face. I mean, as if she can’t make it any more obvious, this judge has got everyone fooled; even a floating orange clock!


Back at the Void (did you spot the license plate on the car? GRN-W1D, could this be a reference to Green Widow?), the other Loki Variants discuss with Mobius in some abandoned house if he remembers arresting Alligator Loki. Mobius doesn’t remember an alligator and questions if this one is even a Loki Variant.

Classic Loki states that Alligator Loki is green but Mobius still unsure, thinks that Alligator Loki could be lying which makes him more likely to be a Loki. As Mobius puts it, It’s always the game within the game with you guys, which I respect. I think we can all agree that Mobius is such a good person and we all would love him in our life.

Kid Loki asks Mobius what he will do assuming that he does go back to the TVA and Mobius tells them both that he would like to tell people the truth. Classic Loki asks Mobius whether it’s that simple for him to turn on the very thing he dedicated his life to and as the wise person he is, Mobius tells him that it’s never too late to change which prompts Classic Loki to internally reflect. I don’t know about you but cue the tears!


Both Sylvie and Loki are outside and talk about how Mobius cares for him and his theory behind the nexus event that they created as well as whether or not in the final moments of their plan Loki won’t betray her.

Loki reassures Sylvie that he won’t because, in his past, he has betrayed everyone and everything that has ever loved him, and he’s aware as to why he did it. But, when it comes to this plan, Loki tells her that is not who he is anymore and that he won’t let her down.

In wondering what she will do once all of this is over, Loki asks Sylvie just this but she tells him she’s not entirely sure, which prompts him to honestly tell her the same exact thing. However, Loki brings up the suggestion that maybe they can figure it out together and Sylvie tells him that may be a possibility.


Loki, Sylvie, Mobius, and the other Variants finally reach the place where they can get near Alioth. Sylvie explains to them all that when first encountering it, she was able to link with it and caught a glimpse of something. With this, Sylvie strongly believes that if she’s able to enchant it, it will take her to whoever is behind everything.

Sylvie hands over the TemPad she took earlier to Loki but he tells her that if she goes, he goes as well. Loki then hands over the TemPad to Mobius for him to go back to the TVA. Kid Loki and Classic Loki decide they are going to stay back and Kid Loki hands Loki a dagger to use.

Mobius and Loki say their goodbyes and in such a sweet moment, instead of shaking his hand, Loki brings Mobius in for a hug and thanks him. I don’t know about you but them hugging and Loki calling Mobius ‘friend’ brought me to tears. I love the dynamic between these two!


Now, as it is just Loki and Sylvie, both of them work to destroy Alioth. For a small second, we see both Kid Loki and Classic Loki walking away, but for Classic Loki, he turns back to the storm and his face is saying otherwise. Loki goes on to create a distraction with the dagger he was given and Sylvie tries to enchant Alioth.

The storm, being too big, almost takes Sylvie, but before they know it, Classic Loki has cast an illusion of Asgard for Alioth to become distracted with. Sylvie asks how it’s possible for Classic Loki to achieve such a gigantic illusion, which prompts Loki to point out that they [Lokis] may be stronger than they realize.


As Classic Loki works on holding the illusion, Sylvie and Loki both work to enchant Alioth. Loki states that he does not know how but Sylvie assures him that he does because they are both the same.

In using all of his power, Classic Loki becomes weaker and the illusion begins to fade, this makes Alioth go after Classic Loki. In coming to terms with his end, for one last time, Classic Loki gets to proudly shout, Glorious purpose!

Loki struggles to enchant Alioth but it isn’t until Sylvie and he properly hold hands that they are both able to enchant it together, bypass the Void, spot a fortress in the distance, and make their way towards it.

New episodes of Loki are available to watch every Wednesday on Disney+.

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