“The Weasley Twins” James and Oliver Phelps explore the new Harry Potter exhibition

The new Harry Potter exhibition is opening in London next week, so the Weasley twins just had to experience it for themselves!


The new Harry Potter exhibition is opening in London next week, and the real-life Weasley twins, aka James and Oliver Phelps, went to check it out. The Harry Potter photo exhibition is officially opening on 12th July.

The photo exhibition has loads of different things for fans to experience, such as London’s first-ever butterbeer bar. The experience promises to take fans through their favourite parts of the film, and there are even costumes on display for fans to see.

James and Oliver Phelps went down to the exhibition to do a special takeover on the Instagram page to show fans what the experience is really like. In the first story, James confirmed that there will also be things to view from the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film series as well as the Harry Potter series. Oliver later went on to say that there will also be things featured from the stage show, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.

The twins took over the Instagram stories to lead fans through the exhibition to see what’s in store. You can take your photo next to Harry’s famous Hogwarts letter, on a broomstick with a green screen, inside the Ministry of Magic, or even with the Weasley’s flying blue Ford Anglia.

Once fans have taken in all of the photographic parts of the exhibition, they can then enjoy a bottled butterbeer from the brand new Medieval-themed bar. James and Oliver certainly looked like they enjoyed this part of the exhibition!

The exhibition looks like an absolute must for die-hard Potter fans! Get some tickets, get your camera and pose ready then you are sorted for the ultimate experience. Find out more about the Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition here.

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