7 of the best Swiftie Halloween costumes

These are genius


Halloween may have looked a little different this year, but that was all the more reason to get creative and make your own fun at home. Swifties are famous for pulling out all the stocks when it comes to dressing up – seriously, the amount of costumes you see in the crowd at a Taylor Swift concert is an experience like no other. Sadly, this summer’s Lover Fest tour was inevitably cancelled, but that just meant we got to see all the spectacular costumes for 2020 Halloween instead.

We’ve rounded up 7 of our favourites from this year:



Inspired by the lyrics from Taylor’s latest single ‘Cardigan’, these fans created the perfect couples costume: “Peter losing Wendy”.


Whilst the general public may be slightly confused at this costume, every Swiftie will instantly recognise this from The Last Great American Dynasty. “She stole his dog and dyed him key lime green.” Pair it with the famous folklore cardigan for good measure.


This fan threw it all the way back to 2009 by recreating Taylor’s Junior Jewels t-shirt and the iconic scene from the ‘You Belong With Me’ music video.


If you’ve ever been to a 1989 concert (and lets be real, who hasn’t?), you’ll hopefully recognise this costume. This Swiftie is twinning with Taylor by recreating her opening tour outfit where she begins her story with ‘Welcome to New  York’.



If ‘Mirrorball’ is your favourite folklore song, you’ll absolutely love this genius costume. “And they called off the circus, burned the disco down / when they sent home the horses and the rodeo clowns.”



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A pandemic won’t stop me & my glue gun. @taylorswift at the 2020 Golden Globes, ft. hand painted flowers. #halloween2020

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This super talented fan appears to have handmade her costume, perfectly recreating one of Taylor’s most recent red carpet looks from the 2020 Golden Globes.



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We just keep dancing like we’re 22 ❤️

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“It feels like the perfect night to dress up like hipsters.” This costume never goes out of style and it’s just the bop we need after a year like this. Let’s just keep dancing like we’re 22!

Did you rock a Swiftie costume of your own this Halloween? Send us photos @unitedbypop or let us know your favourite below.

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