Presidential Campaign Memes that will make you LOL

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Whether you’re American or not, there has been no escape from the presidential campaign. Of course, this is going to be an extremely important decision. Who will replace Obama and become the next President of the United States? Opinions are obviously incredibly torn between two very different candidates. In true internet style, memes have been out in force and have taken full advantage of both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. After (and even during the airing of the debate), there were plenty of cringe-worthy one liners that viewers couldn’t help but make fun at and of course meme-ify. People particularly made fun of the constant sniffing Trump was doing, couldn’t someone just offer him a tissue? Hilary also incessantly did this weird shoulder dance which I think were some sort of preparation for whatever garbage was about to come out of Trump’s mouth.

I LOVE  a good meme, who doesn’t? Here are just a few of my favourites that I have seen so far –

Those sniffles though


Photoshop skills on point




When whatever they say doesn’t make sense


But then reality hits you



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