What will the ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival be like? Here’s everything you need to know


It was a heartbreaking goodbye in 2007 when ‘Gilmore Girls’ came to an end, and I think everyone can agree that the upcoming revival is long overdue. But now we’ve all been left questioning parts of the revival. Edward Hermann (Richard Gilmore) died in real life, so what’s going to happen to Emily after Richard’s death? Are we going to get caught up in Lorelai and Rory’s love lives over four episodes?

Is the ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival going to be like catching up with an old friend, or a cheap attempt at cashing in on the nostalgia reboots trend? I think it’s going to be perfect and wonderful, and I’ve made this guide to prove it to you. If you have any questions about the ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival, the answer is probably in here.

The ‘Gilmore Girls’ love lives

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Will the revival consist of classic ‘Gilmore Girls’ boy drama? Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) and Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore) are saying no. Alexis said in an interview with ‘Entertainment Weekly’ that she was more concerned about what Rory has achieved in her career. (Same, to be honest, I just want to see Rory thriving as a successful journalist.)

Rory’s young lovers 

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Alexis described this as closure for all three couples. Dean, Jess and Logan all have different interactions with Rory according to Alexis. This is controversial but I’m personally glad this is happening and want Rory to be with someone else.

Is the show going to be R rated now that it’s not on broadcast television?

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Scott Patterson (Luke Danes) has made it clear that Lorelai and Luke will be a sexier, more mature couple. He said in an interview with E! News that “There has been sexual tension for a long time … I mean we don’t arm wrestle at night”. Well, need I say any more? I think Luke and Lorelai’s dynamic will change drastically.

Edward Hermann obviously won’t make the reunion, what’s going to happen to Emily? 😢💔

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Emily has a strong character and will no doubt not let onto how much she’s hurting. Apparently, Richard’s death will hit a nerve in Emily and the DAR (Daughters Of The American Revolution) will play an even bigger part in her life. Carolyn Hennsey has signed up to join the DAR, so clearly Emily won’t be down for long – she’s a fighter and I’m so here for it. 💪

Is Rory a vagabond, journalist or teacher? 

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I’m going to say all three. It’s been made clear that Rory has spent the last eight years working as a journalist, with no set home. The vagabond tag really isn’t a surprise to me. But earlier promotion pictures circulated rumours that maybe Rory has a career change. She’s either going to get a masters in journalism, done a guest talk at Chilton or become an English teacher. Anything is possible with Rory really, isn’t it?

We’re finally going to get some more gossip on Michel…

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Word on the street is that Michel will be spilling his guts for the revival… yes to the yes. I’ve always wondered what he does with his life. Apparently, we’ll all find out about his personal life, who he’s dating and who he is. What a treat, amirite?!

Why is it four parts, and not an entire season eight? 

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Well, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino left the show early before season seven and didn’t create the so-called ‘end’ to the show. So in a way the revival is giving Amy her chance to tell the story her way, the way she wanted to… fair enough? I think so.

The opening credits are staying the same, right?

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Probably not. It’s sad but the original opening credits were shot on film, and the new ones were shot digitally. Tragic, isn’t it? 💔 Wanna hear something even sadder? Lauren said we might not be hearing ‘Where You Lead’ as the opening song either. Instead, the replacement might be another Carol King song ‘You’ve Got A Friend’. I can’t be certain if things will be similar or completely new, only time will tell.

Find out what happens to the ‘Gilmore Girls’ on November 25 on Netflix.

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