Justin Bieber’s Purpose the Stadium Tour merchandise is here


Justin Bieber has been absolutely smashing it since the start of the ‘Purpose’ era way back in 2015, when he released the #1 smash hit ‘What Do You Mean?’.

Nearly two years later, Justin is on his fifth #1 single, and he looks like he’s not stopping anytime soon. His ‘Purpose’ tour started off in arenas last year, and he’s now moving on to the second coming of the ‘Purpose’ tour. Justin announced that the tour would be continuing into territories he hasn’t toured yet, however there would be a difference… He’s moving on up into stadiums!

Naming the latest leg ‘Purpose the Stadium Tour’, Bieber will be able to perform his new hit tracks ‘I’m The One’ and ‘Despacito’ for his Beliebers!

With the announcement of ‘Purpose the Stadium Tour’ comes the most exciting part… Merchandise! Yes, Justin always pleases with the merchandise he releases to coincide with any tour he goes on. But the latest merchandise drop has to be the best to date.

The merchandise includes both colourful and simple pieces, with the yellow Suzuki styled jumper being one of my favourites from the collection. Other notable pieces include the cut off ‘Purpose’ white t-shirt, the red/grey ‘Tour’ hoodie and the blue Suzuki styled jumper that’s paired with the matching shorts. The collection itself is all very retro, with the merchandise definitely being influenced by classic 90’s fashion.

The collection will be available on the European and North American leg of ‘The Purpose Stadium Tour’, which starts in the Netherlands on June 2nd. If you’re as interested as me in the collection then sign-up to be notified when the collection drops here!

The look book was shot in Los Angeles, CA.
Creative Direction: Justin Bieber Design Team
Photographer: Samuel Trotter
Model: Sadjo Ka
Model: Daudo Ka

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