Did The Flash really kill off [SPOILER]?


[CAUTION: This article contains HUGE spoilers for ‘The Flash’ 3×22. Read at your own risk.]

If you’ve been keeping up with the story this season, you know that Barry has been doing everything he can to stop his beloved Iris from dying… by the hands of his future self. I was shocked but excited when Savitar was revealed to be future Barry. The entire fandom went into meltdown. And now, two episodes later the future has come to pass.

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The speed force bazooka failed and Barry ran out of time. Savitar murdered Iris. I LITERALLY COULD NOT BELIEVE. If you’ve watched my reaction video, I cried. And not because Iris died, but because of her amazingly emotional goodbye video that played during her death scene. SHE RECITED HER WEDDING VOWS TO BARRY, ask me if I’m okay? I was not.

Iris West was undoubtedly one of my all time favourite characters, so this hit hard for me. She’s Barry’s anchor. Without her, there is no Flash (see gif above). She literally is the heart of ‘The Flash’ and to see her die at the hands of the vengeful Savitar was devastating. Even though we knew it was coming, for it to ACTUALLY happen was shocking. BUT ALSO WESTALLEN! MY HEART!

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However… there’s still one episode left. I know that the writers have something else up their sleeve. Now, I have a theory as to how Iris might still be alive. Listen closely.

In 3×22, Barry was seen using the facial/body disguise tech to become Lyla to gain access into the A.R.G.U.S facility. Could this tech have been used later on in the episode? So HR accidentally let slip to Savitar where Iris was hiding, so he’s feeling pretty shit. Towards the end, HR vaguely says a goodbye to Cisco and it seems like he’s leaving due to his mistake. He also stared at the piece of Savitar’s suit the team acquired in an earlier episode. Weird, right?

My theory is that HR used the disguise tech to mask himself into Iris (to make up for revealing her location) without telling Barry so his reaction to Iris dying is genuine. What I’m not sure about is if anybody else in the team knows. Or where the real Iris is being kept. As I stated earlier, this is just a theory so who knows.

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Also, I’m thinking if HR is disguised as Iris… maybe Iris is disguised as HR. And that’s why she looked at that piece of Savitar’s suit, because it reminded her of how she would die? My brain is screaming with theories.

What do you think? Is Iris really dead or will their be a twist that will ensure her safety?

Check out my reaction to the episode below.

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