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To celebrate the release of Princess At Heart, the fourth instalment in the fantastically addictive The Rosewood Chronicles series, we caught up with author and musician, Connie Glynn, to chat all things plot twists, writing inspirations, author life and more.

Hi Connie! It’s so lovely to get to chat to you again. What have the past few years been like for you since we last talked to celebrate the release of your debut novel, Undercover Princess?

Thank you so much for chatting with me again. I think it’s safe to say a lot has changed since the release of Undercover Princess, which is to be expected considering the book came out at such a pivotal time in my life. But I think the two most significant changes are my amazing new cats called Florentine and Tiffin, and that I’m now writing full time (something my cats will often try to sabotage by claiming lap sitting rights over my laptop).

In our first interview I asked which Rosewood Hall house you felt you’d belong to and I was wondering whether your answer to this question changed at all over the past few years?

I am a firm believer that I would be in Conch House, the house of the resolute. Having learned a lot about myself the past few years, I prefer to be frank and don’t like to sugar-coat things, and like a Conch student, it’s important to me that I surround myself with people I can be honest with, and who can be honest with me.


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Princess At Heart is both your fourth published novel and the fourth instalment in The Rosewood Chronicles. Has the novelty of seeing your books out in the world worn off at all or is it still just as exciting?

I’ve always felt quite detached from the releases, I get so caught up in the writing and my own feelings about the story and what it means to me that once they’re out in the world, they don’t always feel entirely like my books anymore. That being said, every book is so different and takes the characters to such unique places that I don’t think I’ll ever get over the thrill that comes with seeing people’s reactions to something I’ve written.

From anime to Disney to Studio Ghibli, you’ve never shied away from discussing your love for stories but are there any stories, creators or pieces of media in particular that influenced The Rosewood Chronicles?

This is a funny one for me because I am constantly watching old movies, listening to songs, or re-reading old books and realising how everything I’ve ever consumed has inspired these books in some way.

What’s the one piece of writing/publishing advice you wish you could give Connie of the past who was just starting out on their writing/publishing journey?

Absolutely to trust my gut. Every single time I have ignored my intuition, be it on a particular line change, or plot point, I’ve regretted it, and I would encourage all debut authors and young writers to trust themselves and their vision. Also… meet your deadlines.

If you could spend a day at Rosewood Hall, what would your dream schedule look like?

In the second book (Princess in Practice) I wrote that there was a cheese appreciation course you could take as an elective, and if I could, that’s the only class I’d take to be honest.


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We have to talk about *that* plot twist. Without spoilers, is this a twist you’ve always had planned or did it come to you whilst writing book four?

The twists revealed in book four have been with me since the very moment of the story’s conception, right back when I didn’t even know the character’s names. *That* twist in particular is the one I’ve been most excited for the readers to get to and seeing their reactions has been a whirlwind.

Finally, are you currently working on anything and if so, can you give us any hints as to what we might expect?

I am currently finishing up book 5 which will be the last book in the Rosewood series, and in terms of future books, I’m looking forward to exploring some darker themes, and I can feel my inner horror fan begging me to dip my toe in the genre.

Get your copy of Princess At Heart by Connie Glynn here.

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  1. Mil says

    When is the fifth and final book looking at being released? I just finished Princess at Heart, it was amazing as ever, thank you Connie for this fabulous book series!

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