Jackson Wang sings for the broken hearts in LMLY

The GOT7 member performed the song live for the first time at the Harper's BAZAAR ICONS Party.


Saying that GOT7’s Jackson Wang has been busy during the past three months is an understatement. The singer just released his fourth and last project for March, the single ‘LMLY’, which stands for ‘Leave Me Loving You’.

The single, released on March 27, is sung in English and paired with a heartbreaking music video. The video is a sequel to ‘Pretty Please’, Jackson’s single featuring Galantis released in the summer of 2020. In pure Jackson Wang / TEAM WANG style, the singer took the lead in scripting the video and worked in co-directing it with 88rising’s Mamesjao.

‘LMLY’ is inspired by ’90s Hong Kong and Chinese films he grew up watching. In the video, Jackson is a young waiter who falls in love with one of the restaurant’s regular customers. While he tries his best to win her heart with what will be defined as ‘fluff’ in a scenario on Tumblr, we understand that every scene playing out only happened in Jackson’s mind. And when she storms into the restaurant with another man, she ultimately and definitely breaks Jackson’s heart.

“I came up with the treatment that follows my previous release ‘Pretty Please’, still staying in the time zone of ’90s Hong Kong-Chinese movie style, ” Wang explains in the video’s credits. “The way I decided to shoot the video, it’s more towards a movie structure this time, rather than the musical and choreo performances I always do.”

‘LMLY’ is something we’ve never heard before from Jackson, a catchy and perky ’80s inspired beat that fits Jackson’s voice perfectly. Wang performed ‘LMLY’ for the first time ever on the stage of the Harper’s BAZAAR ICONS Party on March 31 in Shanghai, where he also won the award for Musician Of The Year.

‘LMLY’ is the second single Jackson has released in 2021, the first being the Mandarin single ‘Alone’ shared in January. Jackson has also released three collaborations so far: ‘MAGNETIC’ with K-Pop idol Rain, ‘So Bad’ with Chinese rapper Vava, and ‘M.I.A.’ with the Indonesian rapper Afgan.

Jackson Wang is planning to release over 40 songs in 2021, including an English and Chinese album. He is also focused on releasing more ‘cookies’ and ‘sparkles’ from his fashion line and expanding TEAM WANG Records by recruiting more talent — all while still being committed to GOT7.

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