7 book-to-movie and book-to-TV-show adaptations coming in 2024

All over the internet, there are articles on this year’s book to movie/show adaptations but not many are written by actual book lovers.


All over the internet, there are articles on this year’s book-to-movie and book-to-TV-show adaptations — but not many are written by actual book lovers.

Geek Girl

Geek Girl by Holly Smale is the first book of a YA best-selling series that was first released in 2013. Last year, to celebrate the 10th year anniversary, Harper Collins Children’s Books released a new paperback that features a touching foreword by Holly Smale, detailing how her experience as a teen model inspired the start of Harriet Manners. The first season was released on Netflix on May 30, and it’s a pretty faithful adaptation, with added nuances on how social media plays a big role in teenagers’ lives.



Argylle is Elly Conway’s debut novel that was released earlier this year and is said to inspire the movie, Argylle, also released earlier this year. It is ‘inspired’ because the book and movie are pretty different from each other, and there are also conspiracy theories around who Elly Conway is. However, we have found out that the events in this book will actually be adapted in the second movie. And the events in the book are actually book 4, which does not exist yet. Consider us confused.


The Spiderwick Chronicles

Holly Black cowrote The Spiderwick Chronicles with Tony DiTerlizzi and back in 2008, there was a movie featuring Freddie Highmore. This year, there is a new TV show that was released on Roku on April 19, after being dropped by Disney. You can check out our thoughts on the TV show adaptation here.


A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Holly Jackson’s series is one of the best YA thrillers out there, and we were especially enchanted by the use of mixed media throughout the books. So you can imagine how excited we were when we found out that Emma Myers was cast as Pip. To celebrate the release, Harper Collins Children’s Books released a TV tie-in edition featuring Emma Myers on the cover. The show will air on BBC on July 1.


Turtles All the Way Down 

John Green is back with another book-to-movie adaptation. Turtles All the Way Down follows Aza who has OCD and anxiety, as she searches for a missing billionaire. The portrayal of mental illness was done very well in the book, especially the kissing scene between Aza and the billionaire’s son. We can’t wait to see how it translates to the screen. The movie was released on Max on May 2.


It Ends With Us

Colleen Hoover’s biggest hit, It Ends With Us, is being adapted into a movie. It Ends With Us follows Lily Bloom who falls in love with charming Ryle Kincaid, until she sees a side of him that reminds her of her parents’ abusive relationship. At first, many people were apprehensive about the casting as Blake Lively seems a little too old to be Lily. However, after watching the trailer, it actually looks pretty good and the flower shop is 100% what we imagined and more. The movie will be in cinema on August 9. You can watch the trailer here.


We Used to Live Here

We Used to Live Here found its fame on reddit‘s r/nosleep subreddit 3 years ago. The horror story, written by debut author Marcus Kliewer, follows new homeowners Charlie and Eve as they are visited by a family who claims to be the previous residents. The story is absolutely gripping and reminds readers of the dread from Get Out, so it is not surprising that it will be adapted into a movie. There is currently no news about when the movie will be released on Netflix but it is set to star Blake Lively (again!)



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