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‘Wonder Woman’ has been in the news recently for causing quite a stir. After being named a real life honourary U.N ambassador (to many people’s disapproval), the fictional character is now making the news for other reasons. It’s been 75 years since she became known for her comic book escapades, and now she has her own stand alone film. Warner Bros have recently released the trailer for the Wonder Woman movie, and it looks pretty awesome.

Set 100 years ago during “the war to end all wars”, we see Diana leaving her island sactuary to join Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) on his mission, but in true Wonder Woman style, she cannot stand by him while the lives of innocent people are lost.

Playing the role of Wonder Woman is Gal Gadot, who you may recognise for recently starring in ‘Batman v Superman’. Yeah, the least said about that film the better really? I wasn’t a fan of it myself, but each to their own. To be fair, when Wonder Woman came onto the screen it was probably one of the highlights of the film.

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It looks like a pretty full on action film which I love. Battling with her iconic sword and shield, Wonder Woman will be kicking plenty of ass and deflecting bullets with her indestructible bracelets. If I could choose to be any superhero, I think she would be top of the list. For those who aren’t a fan of action films, don’t let this put you off. It appears as though Diana’s lack of knowledge about the outside world will bring an element of humour to the movie. Something I think Marvel and DC do so well, integrating action with humour – I think it caters for everyone.

As a fan of Marvel and DC comics myself, I can’t wait to see what Wonder Woman is going to be like. My parents said they used to watch the show on TV back in the 70s and said it was pretty epic. Fast forward 30 years on, it looks as though Warner Bros have done the character justice, at last!

‘Wonder Woman’ is scheduled to hit theatres June 2nd 2017.


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