5 TV shows to watch if you loved Peacemaker

Peacemaker's season one finale is now streaming on HBO Max


After going on a wild journey for eight episodes, the first season of James Gunn’s Peacemaker has come to an end. With one of the most catchy theme songs ever, it’s no surprise that this gory, hilarious and downright ridiculous show has just been renewed for season two. But before you decide to re-binge all eight episodes, here are five other TV shows to watch.

The Boys


If you loved just how outlandishly absurd Peacemaker was, then I have a feeling The Boys is right up your alley. The Boys follows a group of superheroes called, “The Seven.” In this world, “The Seven” are just as influential as politicians and just as popular as celebrities but there’s a slight catch. Instead of using their powers for good, they use them for evil. It’s not until a group of vigilantes decides to take on “The Seven” that their influence is finally put into question. With season 3 premiering on June 3, what better time to start this series than now?


Just like Peacemaker, Watchmen also deals with real-life villains: white supremacists. Set in Tulsa, Oklahoma 34 years after the Tulsa Massacre, in this world, vigilantes are now seen as outlaws, and police officers wear masks to hide their identity after white supremacists attacked the local police station killing all but two officers. However, after the incident, one police officer,  Angela Abar (Regina King) takes on the identity of Sister Night, who on top of fighting racists, also has to take on fighting vigilantes. It’s probably one of the best superhero series out there and after all, who doesn’t want to see Regina King kick some serious butt?

Jessica Jones

After watching two bad-ass women save the world, how could I not also recommend Jessica Jones? Krysten Ritter does a fantastic job at portraying the stubborn P.I. detective who struggles to accept her abilities. After suffering from post-traumatic stress, Jessica tries to live a normal life while also trying to take down Kilgrave (David Tennant), a supervillain that has the ability to control minds.  While seasons 2 and 3 don’t quite live up to season 1, it’s still an all-around great time and definitely worth checking out.

The Punisher

Are vigilantes heroes or villains? According to Peacemaker, he’s a hero because he only kills children, men, and women in the name of peace (ironic, I know). Well, just like Peacemaker, the Punisher, portrayed by Jon Bernthal, is a ruthless vigilante who justifies his actions through his own code. It’s just as violent and gory as Peacemaker and often looks at the trauma Frank Castle has experienced, much like how Peacemaker often looked at Peacemaker’s own traumatic past.


Invincible is an animated superhero series but don’t let that fool you because it is, I dare say, even more, brutal and bloody than Peacemaker.  One of the many storylines in Peacemaker was the rocky and vitriol relationship between Peacemaker and his dad. Without spoiling what happens, let’s just say their feud never really ends. Invincible is another series that follows the relationship between father and son. Mark Grayson (Steven Yeun) is the son of the most powerful superhero on the planet, Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons). However, as Mark begins to develop his powers, he soon questions what it really means to be a superhero.

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