This Is Us finale recap: Something unexpected?


[This article contains spoilers from the season finale. Don’t read if you haven’t watched it yet. Or do. You have been warned.]

This week NBC aired the season finale of ‘This Is Us‘ with the looming question of how Jack Pearson dies. The majority of fans expected some answers about how our favourite and beloved character Jack was killed off and we were in for something a little different. To be quite honest, I loved it.

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Instead of a shocking and jaw-dropping finale like most shows tend to do, we got a beautiful love story of how Jack and Rebecca met. Yes, I could understand why fans would be upset after leaving us with a cliffhanger last week with Kate finally opening up to Toby about her father’s death. We just want to know, dammit. It’s killing me inside. But think of it this way. If they revealed how Jack dies so early on, there wouldn’t be much of Milo Ventimiglia in season two. Bright side, people.

Anyways, the episode focused entirely on the past, with Jack trying to patch things up with Rebecca while on tour with her band. Because how could he not? Although he tried to do it while drunk? But hey, we’ve all been there. And Jack finally punched Ben. Hallelujah. Let’s be real here, I 100% knew Ben was going to make a move on Rebecca. Sleazy bastard. No one is allowed to come between these two lovebirds. I will sue.

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I also want to mention the amazing and raw fight scene between Jack and Rebecca. You all know which one I’m talking about. I was blown away with how real each of them got with each other. I understood Rebecca’s point about just being a housewife and having no life while watching hers pass by without fulfilling her dreams and desires. But I also sided with Jack not feeling appreciated enough about working hard and providing for his family. Both these characters are flawed, not perfect which is why the show is amazing.

We also got the story of how they both met. A flashback within a flashback. It was horrible to see Jack feeling so sad and depressed about how his life was turning out. And Rebecca’s for wanting to follow her passion of singing but getting told to “diversify” her options. To have Jack about to rob the cashier at the bar only for him to get distracted by Rebecca singing on stage was the moment. Love at first sight. Perfect.

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And then it happened. Jack’s speech to Rebecca about why he loved her got me good. I was a blubbering mess. I don’t know how I end up crying in literally every episode but I do. Even though they both decided to take a break, Jack tells Rebecca that their love story “is just getting started”. We all need a man like Jack Pearson.

We also find out that Kate wants to take up singing like her mum, Kevin leaves Sophie to meet with the movie producer, and Randall tells Beth that he wants to adopt (awwww). All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the finale. I know a lot of people weren’t expecting what they got, but life’s too short to be angry. Embrace the flawless writing and embark on the Pearson journey. Onwards and upwards to season two. Hell yeah.

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