Taylor Swift was in 13 Reasons Why and you had NO idea


Selena Gomez may be currently working as the face of Coach, but she’s also been working on her television project ‘13 Reasons Why‘.

We all know that the Netflix series has been a massive hit and nearly everyone has seen it – but did you notice a sneak appearance from Sel’s BFF Taylor Swift?

Image source
Image source

Okay, okay, so it’s her album cover. But being besties with the producer, we don’t think that was coincidental. How cute is it to pay tribute to your fellow famous friend in your project, though? Ugh, friendship goals.

It’s pretty much the most we’ve really seen of Taylor in the public eye as of late, as she’s been incognito. Maybe in season two of 13RW, she can make an in-person cameo – how cool would that be?!

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