Fifth Harmony explains why they didn’t change their name following Camila’s departure


Fifth Harmony is currently out there promoting their first comeback single ‘Down’, which means we’ve had lots of interviews from our girls! In a recent visit to MTV, the girls were asked about whether they would change their name now that five has become four.

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The girls were pretty certain on their answer as they answered “absolutely not” in unison.

“It was obviously like, I feel like a thought, just because it was obviously a prevalent thing that there was four of us and not five but, regardless, we were all very united on the fact that we didn’t want to change the name,” Lauren explained. She then went on to say that “it wasn’t [their] thought that was circulating” but rather only “the Internet” that was set on it.

Well, lots of people did suggest H4RMONY, and there were definitely speculations on that.

“Fifth Harmony is the name that we grew with and we worked for. It’s our brand, it’s who we are. It’s our whole entire moments – what we’ve spent five years on, you know,” Lauren continued.

“The fans named us Fifth Harmony and now they’re the fifth member,” Dinah added.

Did you hear that? WE ARE THE FIFTH MEMBER OF FIFTH HARMONY. Can we put this on our resume?

We’re so glad they’ve kept the name, because it’s truly not just a representation the number of people in the band. And also, if 5 Seconds of Summer can have just four members, so can 5H. So there.

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