Spencer Pratt is a hummingbird whisperer

He's come a long way since The Hills


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Remember Spencer Pratt from his days feuding with Lauren Conrad on MTV’s ‘The Hills’? He and wife Heidi Montag (Lauren’s former best friend… thanks Spencer) were also on the U.K.’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in 2013 and 2017 and are now expecting their first child.

But none of that is important compared to this.

Spencer is an absolute hummingbird whisperer. Yeah, you know those tiny, super fast birds that you’re lucky to even see let alone get near? Spencer can attract them like a magnet, and it’s all due to this magic hat.


“Thanks mom @janetlpratt for the hat,” Spencer captioned the video, where you can watch as one by one, hummingbirds fly up to his head and take a drink from the hat. Spencer also has a balcony filled with hummingbird feeders, so they have a place to stop for a meal when Spencer and his magic hat aren’t around.


If you’re not jealous yet (not sure how you could not be, but okay), Spencer is so good with hummingbirds, he can actually coerce them to land on his finger and eat from the feeder in his hand.


If you live somewhere that hummingbirds hang out and want to try hand-feeding them for yourself, you can buy a pair of these little red and yellow feeders from Amazon for less than $13 here.

But if you want a stellar hummingbird feeder hat like Spencer rocks, you’re going to have to ask his mom to make one for you.

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