This is what it would look like if 5SOS had their own TV show

i5SOS would be a HIT


5 Seconds of Summer are doing pretty damn well for themselves: two tours with One Direction, two world tours and now touring even more countries on a festival tour which includes the legendary ‘Rock in Rio’. Some incredible achievements before the age of 24, but what’s next for the Aussie four-piece?

Well, one fan has imagined it all. 5SOS’ next big project could end up being their own TV sitcom if the right people come across this little incredible video…

NICKELODEON, SIGN THEM UP, GET THEM ON NETFLIX, WE WANT TO SEE A SEASON OF i5SOS. And it seems as though we aren’t the only ones, either…

With Ashton’s new-found love of photography, we envision him as the Freddie of the gang. Michael is like the real life Spencer Shay, so that’s his role sorted, which leaves the ever loveable Cake as Carly and Sam. Does this mean Dave the security guard will play Gibby?

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Either way, we can picture ourselves as being the Mandy of the show… 

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