The first trailer for ‘Snatched’ has arrived – and it’s hilarious


Fun but useless fact about me: I love Amy Schumer. She is my spirit animal and ever since I saw her on the Ellen Show, she instantly became my favourite person. Her personality is amazing and I could listen to her speak for ages. This is pretty much one of the many reasons why I need to watch her new movie ‘Snatched’.

The first trailer for 'Snatched' has arrived - and it's hilarious 1
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Everything this woman says is why I love her so much. It’s also the way she says things. It’s honestly so relatable and is how I speak on a daily basis. I believe I’ve binged almost everything Amy’s been in. She amazes me. Imagine my reaction when I heard she was starring in a comedy? I had already mentally bought the tickets to see it.

‘Snatched’ is about how a mother/daughter vacation goes horribly wrong. Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn together – yes please.

The first trailer for 'Snatched' has arrived - and it's hilarious 2
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I watched the trailer earlier and there’s one moment where I literally laughed out loud. That doesn’t happen very often. I’m sure once you watch it, you’ll know the part I’m referring to. The film is still five months away, however I’m so pumped to laugh my ass off. Check out the trailer below:

Mark your calendars for May 2017 so you don’t miss out on the premiere of ‘Snatched’. Make sure to give these two actresses some love.

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