She-Hulk Recap: Episode 4 | Wong continues to remain the best MCU character

Jen faces off against a magician in the newest episode, "Is This Not Real Magic?"


She-Hulk: Attorney At Law continues to bring the laughs and drama in this week’s all-new episode. Warning though, if you haven’t seen The Sopranos yet, this episode will have spoilers!

Episode 4 titled, “Is This Not Real Magic?” starts off with a terribly dull magic show. The magician, the “Great” Donny Blaze (Rhys Coiro), is so bad that he actually puts some audience members to sleep with his cheezy tricks. But that quickly changes after he asks for a volunteer. Madisynn (Patty Guggenheim) yes, that’s really how she spells it, drunkenly volunteers herself, and chaos soon begins. As it turns out, Donny was a former Kamar-Taj student and likes transporting people into different dimensions. So without any warning, he sends Madisynn to another portal, where she ends up in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Luckily, she is transported to exactly where Wong (Benedict Wong) is. Before Madisynn interrupted Wong’s night, he was binge-watching The Sopranos. (See, even the Supreme Sourcerer needs time to binge-watch TV every now and then!) But Wong has his suspicions because this has been happening more recently. He asks if a magician sent her and Maddisynn says, “He sent me to a diff dimensh and a talking goat helped me escape a lava pit in exchange for six drops of my blood.”

Wong tries to send Madisynn home but as she is still so drunk, she can’t remember where she lives. So instead, Madisynn joins Wong for his binge-watch marathon and ends up spoiling the episode for him. Apparently, Donny better watch out because that was the last straw for Wong!

We then find Jen (Tatiana Maslany) at home. She says to the camera, “Mmm. You look happy. I guess you saw that Wong is back. God, everybody loves Wong. It’s like giving the show Twitter armor for a week.” And she’s not wrong!

Jen is then working on her dating profile before Wong portals himself into her office. He explains that he is having problems with a magician by saying, “Practicing the Mystic Arts without proper training not only endangers people, it risks untangling the material and astral planes.” I feel like I’ve heard that before… Anyway, Wong wants to make an example of Donny Blaze, but Donny never signed an NDA, which creates some legal problems for Jen.

But before Jen and Wong visit Donny Blaze, Jen and Nikki are back at Legal Ease, still working on cases. Instead of working, Nikki wants to look at Jen’s dating profile, and least to say, it’s not looking good for Jen. Nikki then suggests that Jen should make a She-Hulk profile.

It’s the next day and Jen and Wong are giving Donny a cease and desist to stop him from practicing the dark arts. But before they go to court, Jen gets a match on her dating profile and goes on one of the most forgettable dates ever. The man is on his phone the entire time and doesn’t offer to even split the bill. I’m so sorry Jen, you deserve so much better!


After that tragic date, it’s Jen vs. Donny Blaze now. Jen needs a witness to win the case but the only witness Wong can summon is you guessed, it, Madisynn. She was just at a club and Jen immediately regrets her decision. But Madisynn has a new nickname for Wong calling him “Wongers!” so that makes up for her incoherent testimony.

Jen is trying to prove that Donny is a danger to society when he practices “real” magic but the judge sides with Donny for now. She will need to review the case again and will make her decision in a few weeks. Jen tries to halt Donny’s use of the mystic arts but alas, the judge is smitten by his cheap magic tricks that he is allowed to keep practicing the dark arts. Before leaving the courtroom, Wong asks Jen if they can send Donny to the Mirror Dimension saying, “He probably won’t even die.” Reminding us why Wong is the best MCU character.

Jen is still having no luck with her dating profile, so she decides to make a She-Hulk profile. Soon her phone is blowing up with matches. After three awful dates, she finally meets a man worth her time. Things quickly escalate and they go back to Jen’s house.

While Jen was out and about, Donny was creating trouble by summoning demon bat-looking creatures into his show. He loses control and soon there are hundreds of demon bats flying around. Poor Wong can’t catch a break because as he was watching a very emotional scene from This Is Us, Donny portals into his room and asks for his help. Wong makes it very clear he is only helping for the sake of the universe, not Donny!

Before Jen can enjoy her night, Wong portals to her home because this is trouble only She-Hulk can handle. She-Hulk works with Wong to send these terrifying creatures back to their dimension but still on the clock, She-Hulk asks Donny if he would agree to the terms of their cease and desist. After all the trouble he caused, he hesitantly agrees. 


With She-Hulk saving the day, she is quickly returned back home and carries her date to bed. The next morning, Jen transforms back into her human self, causing her date to get uncomfortable. Clearly, he just had a weird thing for She-Hulk. What a loser!

Jen’s day gets even worse after she is served by Titania. Titania is suing Jen over the name “She-Hulk”, claiming she came up with it first. Jen points out that it’s a bummer way to end the episode, but alas, there is a fun tag! Madisynn joins Wong who is still binge-watching This Is Us, to discuss all the alcohol they have ever drank. And Jen was right, that was a much better way to end the episode. Hopefully, that is not the last we see of Madisynn and Wong’s friendship!




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