‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films ranked best to worst


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Hold on to your eye-patches (okay, that was lame), and get ready to set sail. Because another ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ instalment is on its way. I’m more excited than I was for the fourth film. Why? Orlando Bloom is reprising his role of Will Turner after not appearing in ‘On Stranger Tides’.

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In order to celebrate the 2017 release of ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’, I’ve done something some of you may not approve of. I’ve ranked the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films in order from worst to best. And when I say worst, I mean the one I favoured less.


4. ‘On Stranger Tides’ (2011)

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Apart from the obvious no Orlando Bloom, the fourth film was okay. Considering the other three films left me on the edge of my seat, ‘On Stranger Tides’ didn’t deliver that for me. It’s always a pleasure having Captain Jack Sparrow on my screen, however, that still didn’t cut it. Don’t get me wrong, the film definitely had its great moments, but of the four, it’s my least favourite.

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3. ‘Dead Man’s Chest’ (2006)

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After the success of the first film, ‘Dead Man’s Chest’ sent our characters on another new adventure. Yes, I absolutely adored this instalment, however, it felt a little abrupt to how it ended. Cliffhangers aren’t usually the best way to end a film. I feel like they’re more useful in a TV show. I know that ‘Dead Man’s Chest’ and ‘At World’s End’ are one story, but I like to have a sense of completion after a movie. Still a great one, though.

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2. ‘At World’s End’ (2007)

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A thrilling and epic conclusion to the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ trilogy. I love when films pretty much go all out for the end. Some may argue that it was difficult to follow, but I did just fine. The banter was on point, and it was a joy to watch.

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1. ‘Curse of the Black Pearl’ (2003)

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They say the first film out of a series is always the best, and in this case, they’re correct. I think the reason why I loved this film so much is because of how unexpectedly great is was. The trio that is Captain Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann, and Will Turner will forever be one of my faves. The film was a gem we never knew we needed until it’s release. A classic.

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Writing this article just makes me more pumped for the fifth (and maybe final?) ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ film. And guess what? You can watch the trailer for ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ below. Ahhh!

Save the date. ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ is released in cinemas on May 26th 2017.

Do you agree with my choices? Let me know in the comments!

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