My ‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’ special screening experience


It’s not very often that I get invited to really cool events. But someone at Universal Pictures deemed me worthy. Last week, I got an invite to attend a special screening of ‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’. I had been hanging out to see this movie for a while, even though I thought the first film wasn’t that good.

So last Monday night, my best friend and I went to the special screening. I felt so famous, it was great. We even had to sign a form stating that we couldn’t review or spoil the film in any way. Yep, definitely living the high life.

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My favourite part of the night was before the film. We got to get our picture taken in a photo booth. But it wasn’t an ordinary photo. With the power of technology, the final product looked totally awesome. Even if my face looked like a stunned mullet.

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One of my favourite photos. I think it’s cool. My best friend and I were laughing for a solid five minutes. We got free popcorn and drinks (yes, speaking my language, god bless). My life motto is to never say no to free things. It’s rude. Live by these wise words.

As for the movie itself, I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t have high expectations after the first film. Just goes to show, never judge a film by its predecessor. The story was quite interesting. I had my doubts with the cliche of a teenager using the Ouija board for fun. Well, I was wrong.

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The mother has a business where she scams people with fake psychic readings, so it would make sense to use a Ouija board as a prop. Right? Not when your child/sibling starts talking to themselves and calling themselves by a different name. Run. Get out of the house and start a new life.

This story begins like a typical horror flick but suddenly turns into something more complex. There’s the typical child using the Ouija board to contact her deceased father only to come into contact with something else. If you expected a possession and exorcism, think again.

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Mix in a priest, a psychotic spirit and some hilarious quotes and you’ve got yourself a pretty solid horror film.

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The ending had a plot twist I didn’t see coming. It left me feeling a little uneasy and wanting more. I won’t spoil it for anybody because I ain’t about that life. The whole night was amazing. I could definitely get used to this. I really think horror movies are getting better each year. The stories are smarter and more evil. I definitely recommend you check out this film.

‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’ is released in cinemas on October 20th in AUS, 21st in the US and UK.

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