5 things that annoy me about The X-Factor


I think The X-Factor is a great show. It gives people a possible start to their musical careers. They experience and learn from amazing artists. It gives motivation to the audience to follow their dreams. I’ve tuned in yet again to another season of The X-Factor because I’m a sucker for these shows. However, I’ve noticed so many things that annoy me. Maybe it’s because I’m more aware, I don’t really know.

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Have you noticed these things too?



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Please, no one roast me for this, I’m just stating the truth. I don’t know how many times I can hear another sob story. It might’ve been effective in the first years, but not so much now. We all know that’s what gets your audition on TV. Yes, obviously I feel bad for the contestant, but it’s the same thing every year.



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This may not be every judge, please keep this in mind. I’m just going off what I’ve been watching in Australia. I’ve noticed that every time a good-looking male contestant walks out to audition, most female judges swoon. This normally results in a shirt coming off or whatnot. However, if the situation was reversed, I have a feeling social media would go into a frenzy and slam the male judges. Double standards, so over it.



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Is it just me or do the judges sometimes contradict themselves? I’ll give you an example. During one audition, one of the judges told them to be themselves and sing an original song. Then, in the same episode, another contestant got told along the lines of “we prefer if you sing a cover”. Okay? Cool.



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After a contestant performs live, I always go to Facebook and Twitter to see what everyone else thought. The female contestants and judges always get slammed for what they’re wearing. It’s ridiculous. Take Little Mix’s performance last week. They got slammed for their outfits. Really? We should all be empowering females, not tearing them down. If you’re looking at their private areas, you’re the problem. There are more important things happening in the world.



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Ugh, voting on The X-Factor is so frustrating. Especially when you have a young male contestant who keeps getting through because of teeny boppers. Most of the time, they can’t even sing that well. You lose some really fantastic acts because teenage girls think one act is hotter. Come on, use your heads. If he could sing, I’d understand. Granted, the judges’ song choices can be a factor too.

I don’t mean to be a party pooper because The X-Factor is an awesome show. Just sometimes I roll my eyes at how stupid it can be. Anybody else?

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