Nick Jonas pulls double duty on Saturday Night Live

Live from New York, it’s Nick Jonas!


Hot off the release of his single “Spaceman” and while promoting his upcoming movie Chaos Walking, Nick Jonas pulled double-duty on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. We know he can sing and act, but could he make us laugh during his hosting debut?

“My name is Nick Jonas, which, of course, is short for Nicholas Jonas Brothers,” said the singer during his opening monologue. Oldest sibling Kevin Jonas made an appearance and asked if the Jonas Brothers were still a band because he “just bought a house.”

During the show, Nick flexed his comedy chops by playing roles like beefy workout instructor, boyfriend obsessed with cult shows, man seeking woman post-pandemic, and more. Surprisingly, he didn’t even break character!

Nick performed “Spaceman” for the first time ever and even dressed the part in a navy coverall. He appeared center stage underneath blue lights — mimicking an alien abduction — and in front of spaceship controls. With the help of his band, the performance gave us a taste of what we can expect when he can tour again.

His second performance, introduced by Kevin, was where Nick debuted “This Is Heaven,” a new song that will officially be released this week. Featured in the “euphoria” section of the upcoming album, this upbeat song is about being with a significant other. He grooved along to the song in a velvet orange suit, sans shirt underneath.

Jonas expressed his gratitude to the cast and crew of the variety show in a tweet the next morning. Although he’s been featured in sketches in past episodes of the show, it’s a different experience to host. Overall, he measured up to my expectations, and hopefully, he’ll get to do it again soon!

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