Netflix U.K Newbies: Airlift, Over The Hedge, and brand new Gotham


The world of Netflix can be quite fast paced and some content can get lost deep in the digital world. What you may not know is that every week there are tonnes of additions to the Netflix library, and this little weekly roundup will make note of all these little additions allowing you to get ahead of the game and start viewing.

1. Airlift

This film is based on true events and follows the story of the largest human evacuation ever trying to get 170,000 Indians out of Kuwait following the invasion of Iraq.

2. Over The Hedge

Noughties children’s classic ‘Over The Hedge’ follows a sneaky racoon who worms his way into a family of forest creatures so he can get a supply of food they were saving for hibernation.

3. Megamind

The villain Megamind manages to finally defeat his long rival Metro Man. However, after this, he has nothing to achieve and sets on a mission to find purpose in his life.

4. Gotham

This is an American crime drama series based on the characters from within the Batman franchise. The first two seasons have been put on Netflix with a third currently airing on television in America.

5. Commando

Arnie stars in this classic film where he picks a fight with a group of criminals who kidnapped his daughter in order to blackmail him. Think of Taken, but in the 80s.

That’s it! Check back next week for the next lot of additions.

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