Review: ‘Brand New Moves’ (EP) – Hey Violet


Hey Violet, the first band to be signed with 5 Seconds of Summer’s label, ‘Hi or Hey Records’, release their brand new EP, ‘Brand New Moves’, tomorrow (August 16th). The release is a follow up to their debut EP ‘I Can Feel It’, which was released last year. The five-track release includes three new songs plus two alternative versions of the lead track.

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‘Brand New Moves’ –  The title track is bursting with retro 80’s-style pop full of lust and bursting with synth and drum beats. This song is full of groove and is sure to get you in the mood to let loose. It’s already proven to be popular with fans following the instant release when you pre-order the EP, and is pretty obvious as to why it’s the lead song.

‘Fuqboi’ – This empowering song about boys who tend to be disloyal delivers more laid back vibes in comparison to the first track, but still has a beat to keep you moving and your hips swaying. The drum beat, provided by Nia Lovelis, tends to lead the track’s sound, making it memorable and keeping it on replay in your mind for some time.

‘Pure’ – Taking it down a notch again with the beat, the song mirrors ‘Brand New Moves’ for its use of synth and electro sounds, via Miranda Miller, which is topped with the echoing and chilling vocals of front woman, Rena Lovelis, which completes the perfection of the track as a whole.

‘Brand New Moves (Stripped Version)’ – It’s here we hear the raw vocals of Rena in their full potential accompanied by lead guitarist, Casey Moreta. Unlike the original version, this is a very chilled and laid back sound which is perfect for when you’re in the need for more serene vibes.

‘Brand New Moves (Nomekop Remix)’ – This version of the track is what you’d expect to hear in the clubs or at a party. Taking away the heavy drums and leaving the synth with a sense of electronica remix. Nomekop’s version let’s you hear the song in a totally new light, and it works.


Hey Violet’s  EP ‘Brand New Moves’ is available for pre-order and releases Tuesday 16th August.

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