Netflix’s Dash & Lily is the perfect show to watch this holiday season

It's the most wonderful time to binge watch this show!


If you’re like me (someone who loves rom coms), then Netflix’s Dash & Lily is the show just for you.

During the holiday season, Christmas movies are the ones we all love to watch. Whether it’s the good ol’ classic Home Alone films or the masterpiece that is Colin Firth’s turtleneck sweater in Love, Actually, there’s something about Christmas movies that bring us joy.

But there’s something new this holiday season for you to watch. Dash & Lily is the unexpected book-turned-show for you to binge over and over again.

Set in New York City, Dash is a boy who really doesn’t like Christmas. He’s known to be snarly and cynical when it comes to the holiday. Lily, on the other hand, is quite literally the most optimistic girl you’ll ever meet and is a true lover of Christmas (like, for real, she goes caroling and wears a Christmas tree dress that lights up).

These two are given a somewhat meet-cute through the use of a notebook Lily has placed in the famous Strand Book Store which sets herself and Dash on a series of dares throughout the city with the help of family and friends. Side note, Dash’s friend Boomer is the wingman we all want and need!

Though only eight episodes, this show is clever in its use of interconnected characters but also its storyline. Nick Jonas is also an executive producer — and he makes a pretty memorable appearance in an episode.

Overall, though Dash & Lily is a short series that I wish would never end, this show can’t help to steal your heart this holiday season. It’s one you definitely got to watch soon!

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