10 shows you cannot miss on Netflix this August


This summer it can be pretty hectic with BBQs, days out and lounging around in the sun. However if you find a spare moment, get yourself on Netflix because there are some gems currently on the site which you cannot miss. Netflix is becoming notorious for removing content months after being popped on the site, so make sure you get viewing sooner rather than later!

1. The Fundamentals of Caring

This is a truly remarkable film about caregiver Ben, who turns to caring following the death of his son. He is faced with Trevor who is, let’s say, the person you’d least like to be matched with. After getting to know each other they decide to go on a road trip to find the World’s Deepest Pit. On the way they bump into Dot (played by Selena Gomez) and things don’t exactly go to plan, especially when they pick up a pregnant mother-to-be who ends up going into labour…

2. The Other Woman

The rom com of all rom com’s. After finding out that her boyfriend is married, Carly bumps into the wife of her ex. They team up in order to get revenge in the best possible way. But things turn even more sour when they both realise he’s having an affair with yet another woman. All three of them team up in order to plot the best possible revenge for the cheating man.

3. Hush

What happens when an intruder breaks into the house of a deaf woman? This is exactly what happened to Maddie who one evening fails to notice a masked man breaking into her house. It’s not until she gets images of herself in her house send to her that she realises the extent of the situation. After getting an injury, and not to forget being completely deaf, she must find a way to escape despite having no idea where the masked man is hiding and waiting.

4. Spiceworld

Guilty pleasure alert. The iconic film of the 90s follows the all conquering Spice Girls in a plot that doesn’t exactly make sense but it’s the Spice Girls so who cares? The entire film is worth it to see Victoria Beckham driving a double decker bus painted in the Union Jack across London in a bid to get to the Royal Albert Hall for a gig. Oh, Posh!

5. Along Came A Spider

A young girl is abducted from a private school and it seems a teacher has managed to pass through the intensive security in order to commit the act. Morgan Freeman as the head of the police is in charge of the investigation, and aims to establish just how the teacher managed to get away with the kidnapping and more importantly, piece together the clues to establish where the young girl is. As the investigation continues, it seems the guilty person has been leaving clues, turning the investigation into a game.

6. A Perfect Getaway

This is a psychological thriller with a twist. The film follows a married couple off on their honeymoon in Hawaii. Upon arriving they decide to head on an eleven mile hike. On the hike they encounter two couples, both with sinister and mysterious elements to them. They soon learn that a couple have recently been brutally murdered and a couple are suspects. But the question is… alone on the hike, with two creepy couples, which one of them did it?

7. Stranger Things

The show with the most excitement and hype around it goes to Stranger Things. The plot follows the story around a young boy who goes missing in a small town in America in the 80s. It then follows his hysterical mother trying to establish the whereabouts of her son. The series then tries to uncover the truth and as it goes on, the stranger things become. If you are a fan of mystery and ‘whodunits’, then this is for you.

8. Absolutely Fabulous

Sweetie, darling! The famous 90s sitcom now has a movie, but for those who haven’t been introduced to Patsy and Eddy, then the television series is a great place to kick things off. The series follows Eddy, who is a PR guru who has a taste for all things champagne and designer. Her best friend and drug addict Patsy is her partner in crime and the two strut around in the fashion world making a clear name for themselves…

9. How To Get Away With Murder

How To Get Away With Murder features Annalise Keating who is a high profile crime lawyer. In addition to this she is a lecturer at Middleton University, where she recruits a selection of students to be her interns. However things turn sinister quickly as its made clear that a murder has taken place and pieces of the puzzle are worked out in a backwards sequence.

10. Scorpion

Scorpion follows the story of a group of outcasts who have been recruited by the US Government to manage security. They needed a group of individuals who could help with the ever so present threat of high level cyber attacks. The opening episode follows the group attempting to land commercial airplanes after the air traffic control systems fail throughout the entire country.

So, there we have it! We’ll update the list in September with the latest new picks just for you all to make sure you are up to date with the best things to watch, you can thank us later.

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