7 genius inventions you need to make you the coolest dog owner ever


For all dog lovers, a four-legged friend is a member of the family and though they may only be part of your life, you’re all of theirs. So make life for you and your fur baby easier (and more fun) with these genius inventions.


Dog Camping Chair
Image credit: Hammacher Schlemmer

This chair is perfect for camping, beach days, anywhere you need a portable seat and is also ideal for keeping your dog nearby. The compartment allows your canine to sit, stand, turn around and laze and also has five mesh windows.

Available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $99.95


Image credit: Pets at Home

Much like a fit-bit but for dogs, this GPS hardware is developed for your dog. This piece of technology is so small that no pet would notice it. It records exactly where your dog goes and the information is uploaded to your free pet profile onto g-paws.com, via the USB cable that is supplied. You can find out just how far and fast your dog can run and is ideal to discover more about your dog; be it for tracking their exercise or wellbeing.

Get it from Pets At Home for £29.00


dog gear
Image credit: cargogear.com

Keep your dog necessities organised for car rides so you never have to fumble about looking for everything you need. This organiser has enough of space for you to store everything you need to take with you on your ventures with your fur baby.

Get it from cargogear.com for $17.25


Image credit: Dreamfarm
Image credit: Dreamfarm

If you’re a fairly busy person or there’s more than one person at home with your dog, you can use this nifty tool to notify people whether or not your pet has been fed.

Get it from Dream Farm for  $19.95



Image Credit: Currys
Image Credit: Currys


Fancy being the next YouTube sensation with your canine cutie? This harness is created for you to attach a Go Pro to your dog and film from their POV. Imagine the incredible footage you’ll capture.

Get this from Currys for £39.00


Personalised Dog Blanket
Image credit: Find Me A Gift


Treat your dog to the life of luxury with this personalised blanket. This luxurious fleece type blanket is perfect to cuddle up to when its bed time and personalised to let others know to keep their paws off.

Get it from Findmeagift.co.uk for £24.99


treat dispenser

Keep your dog’s brain active and treat them for their good work. This toy has six compartments to store treats and your dog will need to work out how to earn the rewards.

Get it from fetch.co.uk for £16.99

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