Loki Recap: Episode 3 | Loki and The Variant team up

Loki and The Variant team up in an all new episode, "Lamentis."

WRITER’S NOTE: The following post contains spoilers.

It’s finally Wednesday and that means another recap of the Disney+ series, Loki. In case you missed it, catch up by reading Episode 1 and Episode 2 before you begin reading this.

Episode 3 titled “Lamentis” begins with a completely unexpected scene where Hunter C-20 (Sasha Lane) and The Variant (Sophia Di Martino) are having drinks in a restaurant. Discussing the topic of brain freezes after Hunter C-20 experiences one, The Variant explains to them that it’s when the brain freezes one’s memories in place.

At first, Hunter C-20 does not believe in this but The Variant is able to convince them to take another drink and experience a brain freeze, to then ask them how many people are guarding the Time-Keepers.


In another jump in time, the scenery where Hunter C-20 and The Variant are changes to show that it is now dark outside. This means that The Variant was working for some time in accessing information out of Hunter C-20 on the Time-Keepers’ whereabouts.

Going back to where Episode 2 took place, The Variant is cut short in learning more about the Time-Keepers when she notices on the security camera at Roxxcart that Loki, Mobius (Owen Wilson), and other TVA agents have just arrived.

With now knowing where the Time-Keepers are, The Variant arrives at the TVA with Loki (Tom Hiddleston) following closely behind after he escaped from Mobius in Alabama. In trying to use her powers on a Minuteman, The Variant learns that her powers don’t work in the TVA and has to resort to fighting them off.

Taking out the Minutemen that are guarding the golden elevator which leads to the Time-Keepers, we then see Loki jump through the portal that he went through in following The Variant and finally retrieve the daggers that Hunter B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku) wouldn’t allow him to use in Episode 2.

Locating The Variant, Loki tries to stop her but the two then end up trying to fight the other off. In fighting one another, Judge Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and two Minutemen arrive.


The Variant, warning Renslayer that she’ll kill Loki if she tries to get close to them, Renslayer makes a move but with Loki’s quick thinking, he reaches for the Tempad from The Variant and has them teleport to another location.

Fighting one another again in some sort of pod at the new location they teleported to, The Variant and Loki try to reach for the TemPad before the other one can. But when The Variant manages to fight off Loki and gets her hands on the TemPad, she sees that it has run out of battery and no longer works.

Loki uses his magic to outwit The Variant and makes the TemPad disappear. Learning that The Variant does not like to be called a ‘Loki,’ the main Loki tries to use his magic on her but then a rock comes crashing in between them, which prompts The Variant to question where Loki teleported them to.


Stepping out of the pod, Loki learns that the two have teleported to 2077 and they are on Lamentis – 1. Not knowing what that means, The Variant explains to Loki that they are on a moon and there’s a planet that is about to crash and destroy everything.

It seems here that Loki took them to one of the many doomsdays that he and Mobius were looking into when trying to track down The Variant and unknown to Loki, this is one of the worst apocalypses that are saved on the TemPad.

Dodging the many rocks that are crashing down, both Loki and The Variant find a place to temporarily stay safe in. The Variant tries to enchant Loki but because his mind is too strong, she’s unable to.

Arguing over the location of the TemPad and more, The Variant explains to Loki that the plan he interrupted was one that was years in the making. In searching for a power source to recharge the TemPad, Loki learns that The Variant, who does not like being called that, or ‘Loki,’ goes by the alias Sylvie.

Loki also learns that Sylvie is nothing like him, especially when it comes to their individual plans on the TVA. At first, the two find a possible power source, but because both Loki and Sylvie don’t trust one another completely, they argue once again. Sylvie explains to Loki that in order for the TemPad to properly charge, it needs a massive power source.


The two then find a trailer in the middle of Lamentis and Loki reminds Sylvie, just as she’s about to break into the trailer that Brute force is no substitute for diplomacy and guile. However, Sylvie continues with her plan and kicks open the front door to discover a woman with a powerful weapon that makes her fly backward.

Loki using his charm and magic disguises himself as the woman’s husband and tries to trick her. But of course, Loki’s magic doesn’t work because the woman remarks that her husband never said any of the sweet things that Loki did.

Seeing that their plan has failed, Sylvie asks the woman where everyone has gone off to and she and Loki learn that everyone has made their way to the Ark aka the evacuation vessel.  Sylvie tells Loki that the Ark would have enough power to recharge the TemPad but the woman informs them that it’ll be hard to board it without a ticket.

Using his magic once again and Sylvie using her power to enchant others, the two are able to sneak their way onto the Ark. Entering the train,  Loki informs Sylvie that he can’t go backward on a train. Sylvie informs Loki that she can’t sit with her back to a door.

If this is to show that these two powerful beings have their own superstitions, then count me in because I love it and it makes for such great witty comedy.

Aboard on the Ark, Loki and Sylvie learn more about one another. Loki shares details about his mother, Frigga, and how she was the one who taught him magic and that he was adopted. Thinking that that’s a spoiler for Sylvie, she informs Loki that she knew that she was adopted. In talking about her own mother, Sylvie shares that she barely remembers her and that it is now blips of a dream.

Recalling his mother, Loki shares the magic that she used to do for him when he was a child. And in a heartfelt moment, Loki tells Sylvie that when little and thinking it was impossible for him to do as well, his mother had told him that he would be able to do it too because he could do anything.

Showing one of the magic tricks his mother taught him, Loki demonstrates to Sylvie a firework display above his hand and further explains that his mother was the kind of person you’d want to believe in you. Don’t mind me, but I’ll be crying on behalf of Loki and myself over here!


Wanting to learn about Sylvie, Loki asks her how she learned to enchant people. Explaining to him that she taught herself how to do that magic, Loki is impressed. The two then begin discussing the subject of love. Loki asks whether if there’s anyone waiting for Sylvie at the end of her crusade and she shares with him that there is a postman she has been having a long-distance relationship with.

Sylvie asks Loki if there’s anyone waiting for him and that because he’s a prince, there must have been would-be princesses or perhaps, another prince. Loki shares with Sylvie that it was a bit of both.

This is an extremely important detail for the character of Loki character ever since Episode 1 showed Mobius looking at the God of Mischief’s case file and that underneath Loki’s sex, it had been marked as “fluid.”

Ever since this small detail was spotted in Episode 1, many fans have been sharing their joy that this important detail of Loki is finally canon in the MCU; being that it was often only explored in the comics.

Kate Herron, who is the director of the series, noted this in a heartwarming tweet for the brand new episode that was released today.


In going back to the episode, Loki explains that those relationships never turned into anything else. This leads to Sylvie making the remark that Love is mischief. Loki disagrees but before he can even say what he wants, he stops himself and takes another drink of the champagne that he had gotten earlier.

As Lamentis is being destroyed, onboard the Ark, Sylvie wakes up from a nap and sees Loki entertaining those on the train by singing and drinking. Happy with his little concert, Loki smashes his drinking glass down and shouts for another. This is such a sweet nod to when Thor did the same exact thing when asking for another cup of coffee in the film Thor.

Annoyed that Loki is drunk and is no longer wearing the uniform he was disguising himself in as one of the Ark guards, Sylvie explains to him that some people onboard were looking at him weirdly.


Brushing it off that Sylvie is just paranoid, he shares with her that he finally thought of an answer to their earlier discussion on the subject of love. Loki shares that Love is a dagger and it’s a weapon to be wielded far away or up close. You can see yourself in it and it’s beautiful until it makes you bleed. But ultimately, when you reach for it,  as Sylvie joins in, it isn’t real.

Sylvie remarks that his metaphor for love is terrible whereas Loki believed he was onto something. But before they can continue their conversation, the Ark guards show up asking for their tickets. Loki trying to use his magic to make fake tickets, messes up, and instead, produces the fireworks he had created before, and unfortunately, a fight ensues.

Both Loki and Sylvie begin fighting off the guards, even with Loki throwing one out the window of the train, but their plan unravels and Loki himself is then thrown out as well. Remembering that he has the TemPad on him, Sylvie jumps out to go after Loki.

In jumping out of the train, Sylvie demands that Loki give her the TemPad back but when he shows it to her, he shows her that because he jumped out of the train, the TemPad got destroyed.

Upset at Loki, Sylvie lets out her frustration and screams. Loki asks what they are to do now, and Sylvie notes that she doesn’t know what to do and grudgingly points out that he broke the TemPad and that the planet approaching them is about to destroy everything.


Asking about what happens with the Ark, Sylvie explains to him that it never leaves because it ends up destroyed. However, Loki points out that it never had them on it which leads the two to agree to highjack the Ark.

While making their way over to the Ark, Loki suggests to Sylvie that she uses her power of enchantment on him so he can rest from walking and take a nap in his subconsciousness. Sylvie tells Loki that that’s not how enchantment works and proceeds to explain to him how it does.

Sylvie explains to Loki that for enchantment to work, she has to make physical contact with a person and then grab hold of their mind, noting that it all depends on the mind. She goes on to share that most minds are easy and that she can overtake them instantly.


But when it comes to minds that are stronger, that is when it becomes difficult. When this happens, she is in control, but the other person is there too. Sylvie goes on to share that in order for her to preserve the connection, she has to create a fantasy from their memories. In telling Loki all of this, she also shares what happened when she tried to take control over Hunter C-20’s mind.

She informs Loki that C-20’s mind was messed up and that it was very clouded, and that the only way she was able to pull a memory from her was one that was from 100 years ago before she even fought for the TVA.

This news stops Loki in his tracks and questions what Sylvie means. Sylvie explains to Loki that C-20 was a regular person on Earth. Loki shares with Sylvie that he was told that everyone who works for the TVA was created by the Time-Keepers. Sylvie points out that that notion is ridiculous because everyone who works at the TVA are Variants just like them. This proceeds to Loki saying that none of them know that.


Before they can continue their discussion on the TVA, the two of them hear an announcement regarding the Ark and how it will launch in ten minutes. Making their way to the Ark, Sylvie asks Loki if they trust one another, Loki reassures her that they do and that she can.

In trying to make their way closer to the Ark, Loki and Sylvie fight off guards and dodge rocks that begin falling fast from the planet that is about to destroy Lamentis. But as they get closer to the Ark, a meteor above finally makes its descent and crashes destroying the Ark, and ultimately leaving them stranded.

New episodes of Loki are available to watch every Wednesday on Disney+.

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