Jimmy Fallon impersonates Harry Styles in 73 Questions parody

The accent could use a little work, tbh.


Jimmy Fallon found a way to celebrate Harry Styles becoming the first man to appear solo on the December 2020 cover of Vogue in a new skit on The Tonight Show. He does his own rendition of the magazine’s popular “73 Questions” video series as Harry, and dare we say… it’s pretty good.

When the door opens we see Jimmy dressed as Harry when he appeared on “The Howard Stern Show” earlier this year: a blue sweater and white lace collar, bright green pants, the many rings on his fingers, and the now signature pearl necklace. He greets his interviewer and tells them, “You caught me in the middle of telling myself a secret.”

Throughout the interview, Jimmy as Harry answers questions at a piano, while straightening a painting, and even munching on some strawberries for you know… that summer feeling! Jimmy’s impression of Harry just gets better with time (the first time the comedian played the singer was on Saturday Night Live back in 2013).

He doesn’t quite make it through all 73 questions, because — in true Harry Styles fashion — he’s made plans to blow a kiss to his best friend, “a beluga whale wearing a bellhop outfit.” Before kicking the interviewer out, he makes sure to say, “Treat people with kindness.”

Jimmy wins points for the mannerisms and facial expressions, but his accent is giving us more Paul McCartney than Harry Styles. While we light our candles tonight and try to manifest a “73 Questions” video with the real “Adore You” singer, this one with The Tonight Show host will do for now.

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