Try not to smile at Jimmy Fallon and Harry Styles’ SNL promo video


Seriously, we bet you five bucks you can’t get through the Saturday Night Live promo video with Jimmy Fallon and Harry Styles without smiling like an idiot. I’m doing it right now at my desk.

The 45 second video features multiple clips of Jimmy and Harry *trying* to record something along of the lines of an introduction to themselves and this weekend’s SNL episode.

Jimmy Fallon is hosting this historic episode of Saturday Night Live – it will air live across the entire United States at the same time (11:30 Eastern, 8:30 Pacific, and so on) – and Harry is simply noted as the “musical guest.” Is it too much to pray he finds himself in a skit or two?

Harry will be performing his debut solo single ‘Sign of the Times’ as well as another unheard song during the episode. His album, name currently unknown, is thought to be on its way any day now, and the music video for ‘Sign of the Times’ is due out later this month.

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For undoubtedly more smiling opportunities, don’t miss Jimmy Fallon and Harry Styles on Saturday Night Live this Saturday, April 15th.

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