Shawn Mendes promises a collaboration with Niall Horan


Shawn Mendes and Niall Horan are music business BFFs, and the world has been waiting for their collaboration pretty much since Niall went solo.

So what’s taking so long? The pair hung out together behind-the-scenes during a series of Jingle Ball concert performances in the United States late last year, but besides that, the two friends frequently miss each other. Shawn once explained to James Corden, “It’s annoying because I’ll be in London, I’ll be like, ‘Niall, I’m here,’ he’ll be like, ‘Just landed in LA,’ and vice versa.”

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However, it sounds like Shawn and Niall are planning to carve out some time from their busy music schedules to sit down and bash out a legit tune together beyond just the occasional jam sesh. In a recent fan Q&A where Shawn was asked about the very important subject of Niall, he said, “We’ve jammed out, but we will, we will write a song.”

Thank god, we’ve only been waiting forever.

When Niall first dropped his debut solo single ‘This Town’ back in September, many compared the acoustic, relaxed-sounding track to the musical styling of Shawn. Based on their continued close friendship, Niall took that as a sincere compliment.

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