Why you should be watching ‘Grace and Frankie’


With the fifth season freshly out, Netflix’s Grace and Frankie continues to showcase the debauchery of the two 70-something ladies as they try to figure life out after their husbands reveal they’re in love with each other. 

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, respectively Grace and Frankie, reunited for the Netflix series when it premiered in 2015. The series follows these long-time rivals who move in together after their husbands come out as gay after 40 year long marriages with the women. Grace, being an upper-middle-class business woman who ends every night with a martini, and Frankie, a free spirited artist with a love for the eccentric things in life, lock horns continuously but eventually develop a loving companionship. The two learn to live life again (a life without lies), but with it comes hardship. They bond with each other, fight with each other, learn to love other men again and even develop a vibrator company. Yes, a vibrator company. 

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At first glance viewers might simply write Grace and Frankie off as a quirky, sitcom about elderly women navigating a peculiar life event. However, it is much more than that. The series is filled with characters and situations that any viewer can relate to. 

Grace and Frankie’s continuous tenacity shows that no matter what life throws at you, it’s never too late to pursue a dream and live a life of value. Brianna, Grace’s oldest daughter, took over her mother’s beauty product empire and coats every remark with humor and sarcasm. Under the sass, however, is a person who struggles with commitment and emotions. Sal, Frankie’s ex-husband, is a caring and family-oriented man who puts everyone before him. Through the five seasons he learns to find his voice and speak up for the things that matter to him. 

Viewers will also find the on-screen chemistry of all the actors refreshing as old Hollywood shares the small screen with younger, familiar faces. The stars of the show, Fonda and Tomlin, originally worked together during the 1980 comedy 9 to 5. Their working relationship is just as quirky as it was before. Grace’s ex-husband is played by Martin Sheen who was Tomlin’s co-star in The West Wing, while Frankie’s ex-husband is played by Sam Waterston who worked alongside Fonda in The Newsroom. Brooklyn Decker, June Raphael, Ethan Embry and Baron Vaughn star alongside the Hollywood legends as their children. 

For those who have kept up with the show and need no convincing to watch the newest season, season five has just as many antics, arguments and heartwarming moments. Grace and Frankie reach a boiling point like no other towards the end of the season that leaves the viewer wondering if this is the end for the feisty duo. The season finale brings an answer to that question as the entire episode is an alternate universe in which the two women never moved in together after their divorces.

Season six of Grace and Frankie is confirmed and set to release in 2020, as reported by Variety.

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