Review: Mom Jeans and Just Friends at Boston Music Room


So you know Pop is our thing (it’s in our name, duh!) but last weekend United by Pop got a little pop punk by attending the hottest emo show in London. Mom Jeans of California have been one of the most buzzed-about bands of the last two years, and despite having 5M listens to their top tracks on Spotify this was their first ever UK tour. And what a tour it was! Joined by Don’t Worry and Just Friends (which includes members of Mom Jeans) this tour is as DIY as it gets, and was a complete sell out across all dates. Trust us when we say that this was a tough show to get into, we’re talking arthritis inducing refreshing on Twickets kind of hard.

We made it in the venue just in time to see Just Friends, who our friends could not stop talking about in the pub, and rightly so as we were about to find out. They burst onto the stage, 10+ people strong into their biggest hit ‘Supersonic’ and you know you’re in for an absolute party for the next 30 minutes. If you need a dose of fun, order yourself some time with Just Friends NOW. Their set included Brockhampton chants, a conga line instead of a mosh pit, a song about Austin Powers, stage diving and more. This is Ska Punk at it’s finest and its most fun. Give. Us. More. Of. Just. Friends.

Next up, it’s Mom Jeans who open with fan favourite ‘Death Cup’ from their first album ‘Best Buds’ and you can tell from the atmosphere that London has been waiting for this moment for a while, the anticipation for this set is through the roof. It’s bands like Mom Jeans with their stream of conscious style lyrics that make them so relatable and easy to connect with and this works even more so live.

They didn’t miss a single note and the crowd are not missing a single lyric to sing back with almighty glee spread across their faces. When Mom Jeans play ‘Season 9 ep 2-3’ from their latest album ‘Puppy Love’ the energy levels really kick up a notch with lyrics being shouted rather than sang, this in synchronisation with their groovy bass lines is something sweet to the ears. In between heartfelt tracks, the band crack dad jokes such as ‘Why don’t they ever play cards on a pirate ship? Because they’re always standing on the deck’ which makes you love them even more. Let’s be honest, we all have that one friend who cracks out the dad jokes and as much as you want to cringe you laugh because it’s adorable. The crowd ate it up chanting ‘one more joke’ after every delivery. Despite their new album only being released last year the band opt to play only 3 songs from it, a brave move, but also an inspiring one. Does this suggest they could be back before we know it? We hope so! Just like the jokes, we want one more, Mom Jeans!

For fans of: Modern Baseball, The Front Bottoms, anyone who loves a bloody good sad sing-a-long.

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