7 of the craziest ‘Catfish’ episodes ever


‘Catfish’ in itself is one of the craziest shows on television, but these 7 of the craziest ‘Catfish’ episodes probably left you open-mouthed at the end. Oh, by the way…

WARNING: If you have yet to catch up on all seasons of ‘Catfish’, leave now as there will be spoilers to the episodes discussed. 

1. Keyonnah & Lil Bow Wow

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Hopeful Keyonnah thought she was dating “Lil Bow Wow” and was “60 percent convinced” when his “assistant” sent her $10,000. Unfortunately, the reality of it was “Bow Wow” was actually a girl named Dee. (Surprised? Because I wasn’t.) But the surprising thing was that Dee’s motivation was that she likes to trick straight girls that she’s a guy and is so good at it, they still believe her DURING SEX. Um, okay?

2. Artis & Jess

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Poor Artis was so infatuated by the fact he was dating Jess that he was ready to leave his current girlfriend (who is the mother of his three children). But it turned out “Jess” was a guy who created fake online dating profiles to teach people a lesson about cheating. He was fairly creepy and even rubbed Nev and Max the wrong way.

3. Jasmine & Mike

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Jasmine had been talking to Mike for two years, and they bonded over their children. Or that’s what Jasmine thought. “Mike” was, in fact, Jasmine’s ex-friend Mhissy, who created the Mike profile to keep Jasmine away from her current boyfriend (and Jasmine’s ex) Triggs. She was so petty that Mhissy even threw a rose at Jasmine when revealing who she was. Meow.

4. Whitney & Bre

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AKA the couple who catfished ‘Catfish’. Whitney was talking to this exotic dancer in LA and had held out a four-year relationship with her online. However, they had never video-chatted due to Bre claiming to “have no wi-fi.” But there’s a plot twist – it’s Nev and Max who were being catfished! When on Whitney’s profile to do their usual bouts of investigating, they came across the Facebook messages the couple had exchanged the entire four years with proof they had video chatted and knew fully well that there was no catfishing in their relationship, but neither could afford a plane ticket to meet in person. Contacting the show was their last hope of being united in person and, to be fair, if they had deleted all means of conversation proof, they could possibly have gotten away with it. Being the kind-hearted people they were (though still mad at what they duo had done), Nev and Max flew Whitney out to LA from New York anyway, and the couple finally met. Aww.

5. Antwane & Tony

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Antwane was hopelessly in lust with a guy named Tony, whom he met the old fashioned way of phone dating. He only ever spoke to Tony on the phone with these chatrooms advertised on TV and didn’t even know what he looked like. Nev and Max took Antwane and his cousin, Carmen – who was there for support – on a wild goose chase to find Tony once and for all… only to find out that “he” was right under their nose the whole time, with CARMEN being the Catfish! Her motive for hurting her own flesh and blood? “You shoulda never called me a ‘fat ass Kelly Price'” – something Antwane called her over three years prior to applying to the MTV show. Seems as though Carmen was very hurt and spent two years as “Tony,” using her own voice which could reach deep enough to sound like a dude. Because that’s not weird. At all.

6. Mike & Caroline

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After meeting Caroline on a dating website, Mike began to bond with her after she revealed she was suffering from colon cancer, something which his mother had passed away from. This is where it gets sad, because it turns out that ‘Caroline’ was, in fact, a girl named Heather who had actually catfished him before. Having got angry with her the first time, she decided to create ‘Caroline’ and then decided to make up the cancer story when she thought he was going to leave again. This episode angered me personally because with cancer being such a horrible thing to face – being the patient or loved one – to have someone who understands you is a special thing, only to have been lied to and have your heart ripped out all over again is just cruel.

7. Lucille & Kidd Cole

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Another rapper story. Lucille had been chatting to some rapper Kidd Cole, who was supposedly working with Kanye West and Robin Thicke to name a few. He hired Lucille to help organise events and ended up leaving her with a massive lump some of financial debts. Surprise surprise, it was a scam, which he had even done to other people in the past. The music on his Soundcloud was fake and Nev and Max managed to expose him as a scam artist at his ‘recording studio’ (which was actually just some place he hired for the day). Nev was so pissed he ended up throwing Kidd’s phone into the sea because of his attitude. YAS, Nev.

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